There are some games out there that come out of the blocks hot and race around the track with no signs of stopping and equally, there are some games that never exit the starting blocks. However, there are some rare cases where games need to walk before they can run and in the case of Fire Emblem, this is the case. This series has always had a dedicated cult following but for the longest time, this game struggled to conquer the Asian market. However, ever since Fire Emblem Awakening this series has gone on to achieve global acclaim and for this reason, we thought that it was the perfect time to launch FE Fanatics.

Our Team has played collectively played 10,000+ hours of Fire Emblem, has played every single game and spin-off related to the series, has played through these titles multiple times to test new builds, party compositions and achieve all the possible endings, and most importantly, our team loves the series more than any other JRPG on the market!

Our Goal 

Our goal is a relatively straightforward one. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all things Fire Emblem. We aim to be the ultimate online database where this game franchise is concerned and offer a means of success in each and every title within the series for gamers of all skill levels. Whether you are a Fire Emblem fan that has been around since the very earliest installments in the early 2000s. Or if you are a brand new gamer to the series, we offer content that is accessible for all.

At FE Fanatics, we are determined to offer the most eye-catching, informative, and helpful content for FE fans. As this long-running series in of itself hasn’t always been the most accessible global IP, we are the santuary for JRPG fans who wish to bridge the gap and become a FE superfan!

Plus, we aim to be a social hub for all players of this series. We will offer a safe space where you can discuss your favorite moments, debate your favorite characters and games within the series and share your farfetched fan theories.

What We Offer 

As we mentioned, we aim to be a comprehensive guide for all things FE. So primarily, we will offer guide content that explains various aspects of this game series. So when you visit our website, you can expect to find guides on how to complete certain quests, you’ll find location guides, item guides, weapon guides, character bios, boss battle guides, game mechanic explanations, and much more.

We don’t just cover from Awakening onwards like most publications. We acknowlage that FE is a long-running series with a rich history. Meaning that we offer character guides, game overviews, mechanic guides, walkthroughs are more that stretch right back to the inception of this incredible franchise!

Then we will also offer some opinion-based content, setting our writers off the leash and giving them free rein to state their opinions unapologetically. So if you want to hear our take on the best games within the series, the reason why this series took so long to find success, or if you want to know who is the best character within the series. Then you better browse our content and see for yourself.

How We Operate 

At FE Fanatics, we believe that if we have the best team for the job, then everything else will come naturally, and this belief has got us this far. We have a wonderful group of writers that have years of writing experience, decades of gaming experience, a wide knowledge of JRPG’s and most importantly, a thorough understanding of the FE series, making them our content creation dream team.

We at FE Fanatics will never publish anything that we aren’t proud of. We are more than a wiki/fandom. We are a collective of actual FE gamers who play these games religiously, and know the content inside and out! Meaning that if you come to FE Fanatics for your FE related news and content, you are getting information you can trust!

Then we also have our editors working in the shadows to ensure that all content is factual, authentic, well-formatted, and pushed out consistently.

However, we would say that without a doubt, the most important thing in our operation is the role of the fans. You guys offer support and feedback that is invaluable when trying to better ourselves and improve the platform. So if you have any suggestions, please send them our way.

Our Core Values

Here are the values that we uphold here at FE Fanatics:

  • Authenticity
  • Creativity
  • Consistency
  • Determination
  • Passion

Our Team

Now it’s time to meet our group of dedicated FE writers. These guys may be separated by different backgrounds, cultures, and time zones. However, through the love and admiration of the Fire Emblem series, these wonderful people come together to create some of the finest content around. We love our team and we know that you will too. So without further delay, meet the team:

Xavier Geitz

Like many gamers in America, Xavier’s introduction to the Fire Emblem series came by Martha and Roy’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Melee. As a Marth main, he felt compelled to try out the source material. He did so by playing Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade. Fire Emblem quickly became his favorite tactical role-playing game franchise of all time. When he isn’t writing about or playing Fire Emblem, you can find him playing The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (The GBA version) and Onimusha Tactics.

  • Favorite Fire Emblem Game: Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  • Favorite Fire Emblem Character: Geitz
  • Favorite Fire Emblem Class: Paladin
  • Favorite Fire Emblem Jagen unit: Seth
  • Favorite Fire Emblem Lord: Hector

Katrina Dent 

Kat started playing Fire Emblem on a whim when she saw Path of Radiance in a Blockbuster. Even her older brothers (who were, and still are, massive gamers) weren’t familiar with the Fire Emblem series, but she decided to try it after hearing good things about Path of Radiance in a magazine. She instantly took a liking to the series’ difficulty, tactics-based gameplay, and colorful characters. Kat enjoys writing in-depth articles about gaming in general, but thinking up and jotting down unique Fire Emblem strategies is what she does best. Outside of gaming, Kat likes to cycle, do Muay Thai, and club hop with her friends. She runs an international anime figure company with her business partner, which takes her all across Canada and the United States. Kat loves to travel and play the piano.

  • Favorite Fire Emblem Title: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  • Favorite Fire Emblem Character: Inigo/Laslow
  • Best Fire Emblem Class: Dancer
  • Underrated Game in the Series: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  • Best Spin-Off: Tokyo Mirage Sessions
  • Fire Emblem Hot Take: Reworking the Relationship System from Genealogy of the Holy War and adding it back into the series as the Support System for Awakening was the best thing that happened to the series.

Ethan Mojica

The first time Ethan got to know Fire Emblem was thanks to a ROM on a Super Nintendo emulator that his dad had on an old desktop PC. The fact that it was in Japanese and the characters looked like a sort of “Dragon Ball Z with swords and horses” was what got him almost immediately because it combined the two favorite things a 10-year-old boy had: Knights and epic fights. His first game was Fire Emblem Genealogy of a Holy war, and he fell in love with the saga when he finally found a ROM in Spanish. Since then, he has played every Fire Emblem game he could get his hands on. Besides enjoying Fire Emblem, he also enjoys Rouge Like games, such as Hades or Curse of the Dead Gods.

  • Favorite Fire Emblem Title: Geneaology of a Holy war
  • Favorite Fire Emblem Character: Ike.
  • Best Fire Emblem Class: Grandmaster
  • Underrated Game in the series: Echoes shadow of Valentia
  • Best Spin-Off: Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Fire Emblem Hot Take: Fire Emblem should have an official timeline. It would make the stories have more dramatic effects and make the world feel more connected.

We hope that your time at FE Fanatics was a positive one and be sure to return regularly for more FE content.

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