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Camilla is a character that needs no introduction. She was one of the most popular characters in Fire Emblem Fates. There were two groups: those who loved Camilla because she was a character with a lot of fan service and those who hated Camilla for the same reason. In other words, there was no middle ground. The truth is that something that can be recognized is the fact that Fire Emblem Fates was the point where Fire Emblem designs changed a lot. Granted, they used to be games with a distinctly Anime aesthetic. Still, after Fates, the saga was given the nickname “Chess with Anime characters” because of the character designs. Nothing represents that stereotype as well as Camilla.

Design aside, Camilla has one of the most robust attack stats. She can quickly achieve that middle ground between an excellent magic stat and an incredible attack stat. She’s basically the ultimate mixed character.

Camilla is not one of my favorite characters. I really find her, to some extent, an empty character. Her design doesn’t appeal to me, but I understand people who are attracted to her. Even more so, I understand people who think she’s a good character because the reality is that she is. Camilla is an excellent mixed character. She has good stats and allows playing with her to be a real strategic battle. If you decide to give her a chance, here are some tips to consider on quickly turning Camilla into a good character. Believe me, Camilla will be a constant in your strategies after you achieve your goal.

Important information to know about Camilla  (Conquest)

  • Health: 25
  • Strength: 12
  • Magic: 8
  • Skl: 9
  • Speed: 12
  • Luck: 7
  • Defense: 13
  • Resistance: 8
  • Movement: 8
  • Special Ability:  
    • Rose’s Thorns: Adjacent allies deal 3 extra damage and receive 1 less damage
    • Strength +2:  Increases Strength by 2.
    • Lunge: Swap places with an enemy after an attack.
  • Weapon: Axe C. Tome D.
  • Equipped items: Steel Axe and Thunder
  • Class: Malig Knight

One of the first things that jump out almost immediately when we see Camilla is the fact that she has an advanced base class. Instead of starting with a Lord, it’s like we start with a Great Lord. This is pretty cool, whether it’s the Revelations version or the Conquest version. However, there is a marked difference between the Revelations version and the Conquest version of Camilla. The Conquest version focuses more on magic attacks. This can be easily seen in the equipped items. 

The fact that she comes equipped with Thunder as a base tome makes her a fantastic option for eliminating enemies from a distance. She has the possibility of becoming a constant attacker because she has 8 movement points. That helps her go to really far points on the map. She also has the Lunge ability. Lunge allows her to swap places with them after attacking an enemy. If she attacks an enemy from an inaccessible point, the enemy will be unable to receive any kind of reinforcements. It also allows her to cover large areas of the map in a fast way, moving basically 9 steps per turn. Also, she can hover over hazards on the map, like mountaintops or forests. The only negative point about her class is that she is really vulnerable to archers.

Important information to know about Camilla (Revelations)

Camilla Fire Emblem
Image from Fire Emblem Wiki
  • Health: 30
  • Strength: 19
  • Magic: 11
  • Skl: 15
  • Speed: 19
  • Luck: 12
  • Defense: 18
  • Resistance: 15
  • Movement: 8
  • Special Ability:  
    • Rose’s Thorns: Adjacent allies deal 3 extra damage and receive 1 less damage
    • Strength +2:  Increases Strength by 2.
    • Lunge: Swap places with an enemy after an attack.
  • Weapon: Axe C. Tome D.
  • Equipped items: Steel Axe and Hand Axe
  • Class: Malig Knight

In the case of the Revelations version, the main difference Camilla has, besides the fact that she has better stats, is her equipped weapons. She has two of the best axes in the game at the point that you recruit her. She doesn’t have any magic tomes, which makes us understand that this version of Camilla is not a magic option but a direct contact attack option. It’s not a bad alternative, but it demonstrates that the game wants us to turn Camilla into a character made for a middle ground. Camilla is designed so that you can cover both needs with one character.

Another thing to note is that she is an offensive character but still has some defense covered. She has one of the best physical defenses at that point in the game. It is not at the level of other characters, such as the armed classes, but it does have a good amount of defense. Camilla also has an outstanding resistance stat, which, although it can be improved to some extent, is still a good option during the early game. You can say that Camilla is profiled to become a mixed unit that uses both play styles.

Camilla’s Background

King Garon of Nohr Fire Emblem
Image from Fire Emblem Wiki

Camilla has one of the saddest backgrounds in the game to some extent. She is the eldest daughter of King Garon of Nohr. However, despite being a royal princess, she is not a Queen’s daughter but rather the daughter of one of the king’s concubines. Her mother never really loved her, being only a tool she would use to gain the king’s political favor. This caused Camilla to grow up with an absent mother. On top of that, Camilla was also unloved by her father, who didn’t really have much interest in most of his children. When Corrin arrived at the castle of Nohr, Camilla took on the role of his mother because she did not want him to grow up with the same shortcomings as she did.

As the daughter of the king of Nohr, many people wanted to assassinate Camilla. One of those people was Beruka. However, Camilla, upon realizing the assassination plot against her, not only spared her life but even offered her a job. Beruka became one of Camilla’s retainers, and they are so close that even the armor Beruka wears in the game is Camilla’s old armor. The main reason why Beruka is a Wyvern Rider is just to represent her bond with Camilla.

Camilla is a very overprotective character with Corrin, which relates to her maternal attitude towards him. Because of this attitude, she tries to make Corrin return to her side during the Birthright route since she considers him, to some extent, the love of her life. Likewise, she is a very bloodthirsty character, killing anyone standing before her. This is especially true if the person in question tries to harm one of her siblings. She is also really sophisticated. We can see that sophistication in every interaction she has with someone outside her family.

Why should I go with Camilla?


Camilla is a character I don’t like, but she’s basically necessary for the Conquest route. In the Revelations route, while she’s not as necessary, she’s still an excellent addition to your army. The main reason behind this lies in her class and the timing of when you recruit her. Because you recruit her near the beginning of the game in both routes, Camilla is one of the first fully evolved units you’ll encounter. Not only is it a unit that is already fully evolved, but it is also a unit that has impressive stats.

One of the main advantages Camilla has when you put her in your army is that she is a character with excellent mobility. She manages to cover most of the maps very quickly. She is good enough to move around the maps but also because she can avoid most of the drawbacks you will find. Camilla can avoid, for example, mountains and forests. And it is generally a unit that doesn’t have any kind of problem in terms of mobility. It is a unit almost tailor-made for any map.

Finally, while it does have some weaknesses, these are covered quite simply. An example of this is the fact that it is weak to bow users and its natural disadvantage within the weapon triangle. However, this does not mean she is a weak unit, as she has an outstanding defense. In addition, because she can replace the enemies she attacks due to her lunge ability, it allows enemies to be completely isolated. This allows for much more strategic gameplay in general.

Finally, regarding the characters with which he has supports, these are:

Arthur Fire Emblem
Image from Nintendo Fandom
  • Corrin
  • Benny
  • Keaton
  • Arthur
  • Laslow
  • Odin
  • Niles
  • Jakob
  • Silas
  • Kaze
  • Ryoma (Revelation only)
  • Takumi (Revelation only)
  • Xander
  • Leo
  • Elise
  • Selena
  • Beruka
  • Hinoka (Revelation only)
  • Camilla’s child

Of these characters, the most interesting are her siblings, her retainers, Niles and Hinoka.

Is Camilla the best Malig Knight?

Malig Knight

The simple answer is: Yes, she is the best Malig Knight in the game. But primarily, since the upgrade options, the other units have leaned more towards other points. Her primary focus is on strength, skill, speed, and resistance. Its leading negligence lies in the fact that it does not have good luck. However, this is not a big problem since Camilla is covered in all other stats without much trouble. The most crucial thing Camilla has regarding her offensive diversity is her use of axes and tomes.

The main thing is to focus on improving is Camilla’s magic skills, as she won’t have such a high magic stat at first, but she can get enough growth so that tomes can become helpful. However, it is a problem in general that his base stat is not as evolved as the other stats.

Camilla Malig Knight best build

  • Health: 55
  • Strength: 32
  • Magic: 29
  • Skl: 29
  • Speed: 28
  • Luck: 23
  • Defense: 32
  • Resistance: 31
  • Movement: 8
  • Special Ability:  
    • Rose’s Thorns: Adjacent allies deal 3 extra damage and receive 1 less damage
    • Strength +2:  Increases Strength by 2.
    • Lunge: Swap places with an enemy after an attack.
  • Weapon: Axe A. Tome A.
  • Equipped items: Brave Axe, Camilla’s Axe, Ragnarok
  • Class: Malig Knight

What you can see in this Malig Knight build is just that sweet spot where Camilla manages to reach a middle ground where she can perform physical attacks and magic attacks consistently. However, she still has an advantage in her physical attack usage due to her Strength+2 ability. This is precisely why it is best to equip her with two axes. These two axes are the best options for Camilla because she has enough damage to attack twice in a row (Brave Axe) and because, in the case of the second axe, she generates higher damage (Camilla’s Axe).

In the case of magic use, Ragnarok is really replaceable by any other high-level spell. The main reason why Ragnarok is preferable is because of its offensive potential. However, there are also other alternatives, such as Fimbulvetr. In that case, it is a purely personal choice. An alternative to this build is to change its class. However, I do not recommend it due to the time it takes to reach its maximum growth again. 

What Happens if I Don’t Side with Camilla? (Birthright and Revelations Only)

She will become a hostile character. In both versions, you will have to face her at some point in the game. However, there is quite a significant difference between both versions of the confrontation against Camilla. In Revelations, there is the possibility of trying to recruit her after you face her. This is a good idea if you have the chance, as it is always an excellent option to make your army bigger. Besides, she will have even better stats because you recruit her later compared to the Conquest version. This makes the Revelations Stretcher the ultimate version to some extent.

In the Birthright version, you face Camilla on more occasions. However, you cannot recruit her for any of them. This is a disadvantage but understandable. Besides that, Camilla’s ending in this game version is much more bittersweet.

Camilla as an enemy (Birthright and Revelations Only)

In Birthright she will have the following Stats:

  • Health: 38
  • Strength: 18
  • Magic: 17
  • Skl: 17
  • Speed: 19
  • Luck: 12
  • Defense: 15
  • Resistance: 15
  • Movement: 8
  • Special Ability:  
    • Rose’s Thorns: Adjacent allies deal 3 extra damage and receive 1 less damage
    • Tomebreaker: Hit Rate/Evasion +50 if the enemy is equipped with a Tome.
  • Weapon: Axe A. Tome B.
  • Equipped items: Fimbulvetr, brave axe, dragonstone + (Dropped)
  • Class: Malig Knight

Although it is the battle in which you find it at the highest level, the reality is that it is not such a complicated battle in comparison. However, it does have a pretty good reward for Corrin, which is the Dragonstone +. The main drawback you will encounter when playing against her is that she has the Tomebreaker unique ability. This allows her to generate even more damage because she will have better evasion against mages. As she is a Tome user during this matchup, it benefits her because she can’t be damaged so quickly due to her evasion.

Regarding the use of axes, since she uses a Brave axe, she can be dangerous for direct confrontations since the brave axe generates double damage. What happens with Camilla using a Brave axe is the fact that Camilla gets the possibility to perform a chain attack which puts her in a higher level of danger.

And in revelations her stats will be something like this:

  • Health: 30
  • Strength: 19+2
  • Magic: 11
  • Skl: 15
  • Speed: 19
  • Luck: 12
  • Defense: 18
  • Resistance: 15
  • Movement: 8
  • Special Ability:  
    • Rose’s Thorns: Adjacent allies deal 3 extra damage and receive 1 less damage
    • Strength +2:  Increases Strength by 2.
    • Lunge: Swap places with an enemy after an attack.
  • Weapon: Axe C. Tome D.
  • Equipped items: Steel Axe, Hand Axe
  • Class: Malig Knight

This version cannot generate magical attacks but compensates for this with its excellent physical attack stat. Being its primary stat, it generates chained attacks more efficiently using a hand axe. It is a long-term problem because it can generate an imbalance between both stats, but nothing that can’t be easily solved if the proper training is used after recruiting her. In terms of confrontation, she is not really that complicated to defeat.

Camilla in other games

Fire Emblem Warriors para Nintendo Switch - Sitio oficial de Nintendo

Camilla also appears on:

  • Fire Emblem Warriors: She is one of the protagonists.
  • Fire emblem heroes:
    • Bewitching Beauty: Flying / Axe
    • Spring Princess: Flying / Tome
    • Holiday Traveler: Flying / Sword
    • Tropical Beauty: Flying / Tome
    • Flower Of Fantasy: Flying / Tome
    • Steamy Secrets: Flying/ Dagger
    • Brave Echoes: Flying / Staff
  • Supper Smash Bros Ultimate: One Spirit battle with the use of Corrin and a Charizard.


Question: Does Camilla has a canon Husband?

Answer: No. Actually the most accurate ending for Camilla is the Bewitching Beauty ending because it mentions that she adopted as many as 11 children. This is actually pretty on character for her because of her motherly tendency. However, the best husband for her is Niles.

Question: Are Camilla and Corrin siblings?

Answer: Actually no. They are not related by blood at all. Actually, the only one that is related to corrin in a way is Azura. The rest of the siblings are not blood related.

Question: Is it okay if I reclass Camilla?

Answer: Is a personal choice. But at least is not one that I would recommend doing.  Mostly because Camilla is already into an endgame mindset. The only way is a good choice to reclass Camilla is if she obtains new abilities when reclassing her. However, that is not a good option at all because of her endgame condition.

Final Thoughts on Camilla

Leaving aside the design and the initial impression it may generate. Camilla is a character worth having in your army, no matter what. The main reason Camilla is worth having compared to other characters is that she hits a sweet spot between purely physical attacks and magical attacks. It’s a middle ground where your army doesn’t need to specialize in one thing or another because she has just about every possible need covered in the attack. Camilla is, in every way, the ultimate physical attack unit.

Leaving aside the purely mechanical part. Camilla is a character with a rather sad backstory. In that sense, you may come to find her quite attractive and sweet. On top of that, her motherly personality is lovely, although it’s a cliché trait. She is not the first anime character to have a highly stylized and feminized design which is crazy about the main character being a sort of ghostly mother figure since she is head over heels in love with the main character. 

Camilla is not the best choice if you’re looking for a character with the classic fire emblem feel. There are thousands of better choices in the personality sense. However, suppose you’re not that interested in the stories and only go by the statistical parts of the game. In that case, Camilla may be your best option. She is not only a good character, but she is overall the best character if your play style is mixed. If what you want is a character that bases all her strategy on taking chances, then Camilla is the best choice.

I remember the first time I managed to finish Conquest. Camilla was one of my least favorite parts. There were better units in terms of story, but the fact that I could play with her attacking at both long and close range finally convinced me to keep her in my army at the end of the day.

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