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Three houses is the fire emblem with the most diverse cast of characters to a certain extent. This is because there are characters with various personality types. From characters that are cute and cuddly to those that are charismatic and full of energy. Basically, there are all kinds of characters, situations, and stories. This diversity makes fire emblem three houses one of the most exciting stories in the series in terms of characters. While there are still characters that follow a sort of mold, the diversity of stories they tell is even more critical. 

Annette is one of those characters, much more than she appears at first glance. Not only on the level of her personal story but also in her stats and play style. She is a character that allows you to have a rather curious approach to a classic play style in the saga: the mages. Annette is an unconventional mage in all senses, which can be seen even in her way of attacking and approaching confrontations. 

With that in mind, in this article, I will devote time to both. On the one hand, I want to tell you a little more about how Annette approaches confrontations so that you can create the best strategy to face her. On the other hand, I also want to tell you a little about her history, background, and why Annette acts the way she does. By knowing how to play with Annette and how she deals with the confrontations, you can be sure that you will have an incredible play experience. On a personal note, I can tell you that Annette became one of my favorite characters. Her personality is one of my favorite parts of the games. I guess it will also become one of yours if you consider all the advice I will share in this article.

Important information to know about Annette

  • Health: 23
  • Strength: 6
  • Magic: 11
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Speed: 7
  • Luck: 6
  • Defense: 5
  • Resistance: 4
  • Charm: 6
  • Movement: 5
  • Special Ability:  Perseverance, Axe Prowess Lv1, Reason Lv2, Authority Lv1
  • Combat arts:
  • Crest: Dominic
  • Magic: Wind
  • Weapon: E Sword, E-lance, E-Axe+ (Bonus), E-bow (Penalization), E-Gauntlets, D+Reason (bonus start), E-faith, E+Authority (Bonus start), E-Armored unit (Penalization), E-Horseback unit , E-Flying unit 
  • Equipped items: Vulnerary, Training Axe
  • Class: Noble

One of the most essential things about Annette is that she has pretty curious stats. But what is clear from the first glance at her stats is that she is a character with great magical prowess. Her pure magic stats are at 11 net points, further complemented with speed, dexterity, and luck stats that are also relatively high. This allows us to understand that Annette is a literally magical character. Her stats make us naturally opt for a particular type of class: Wizards.

Besides that, Annette also has one of the most substantial spell pools in the game. It is quite a large pool that includes everything from offensive spells to healing spells. She even has access to skills related to improving stats. She is one of the characters to whom magic comes much more naturally compared to others in the game. But Annette is one of the best characters in the game regarding magic because she is not helpless.

Her crest gives her weapons increased durability. On top of that, it gives her access to one of the most essential saint weapons in the game: the axe crusher. She is a character made to eliminate enemies offensively with her magic. Still, if she can’t do it with magic, she can also do it with conventional weapons.

Annette Background

Image from Fire Emblem Fandom

Annette is one of the characters with a background that we could consider bittersweet to a certain extent. This is because, unfortunately, Annette grew up without a father figure. Her father was one of the best knights in King Lambert’s court. Still, after the events of the Duscur tragedy, Annette’s father decided to exile himself from the kingdom. The reason why he no longer wanted to live in the kingdom was that he could not be present to defend the positions of the kingdom during the Duscur tragedy incident. This made him feel like a coward. After her father’s disappearance, she and her mother had to learn to survive independently.

However, her paternal uncle (Baron Dominic) took pity on them and took them into his home, taking care of them. During this period of living with her uncle, she became aware of her natural abilities with magic. Because of this, she decided the best option was to enroll in the Royal School of Sorcery in Fhirdiad. In this school, besides graduating as the best student of her generation, she exploited her magical abilities to a better level. In addition, she also became friends with Mercedes, with whom she had a very close relationship, becoming best friends.

Although her father left her when she was young, Annette is highly optimistic and hardworking. She is one of the best students at the academy. Although Annette is brilliant in her classes, she also has an incredibly clumsy personality for the rest of her life situations. However, all the students at the academy consider her to be the spirit of the academy because she is exceptionally kind and caring. On top of that, Annette has an interest in cooking… although she is not good at it, and always ends up exploding something. She is also quite clumsy. One of the recurring jokes is that she always trips over any barrel she finds on her way.

House Dominic Background

House Dominic
Image from Fire Emblem Fandom

House Dominic was personally founded by Dominic, one of the ten elites himself, after the end of the War of Heroes. He was the first bearer of the Dominic Crest and the original user of the legendary weapon known as the Crusher. After the end of the war against Seiros and the Adrestian Empire, Dominic decided to found his home in the northernmost region of the kingdom of Faerghus due to its strategic position. In addition, he was also in charge of guarding against invasions from the outside. This caused the empire to grant him the status of the nobility of the Adestrian empire. 

However, this story is manipulated. The real story that happened with the ten elites is another one. I will explain it here but be aware that it is full of spoilers, so read it at your own risk. The reality is that the ten elites lost the war, and consequently, with the help of the church of Fódland, they ended up conquering the entire continent. During those battles, Dominic was one of the few elites that managed to survive the war. However, the church started to hunt him just because of that, since they considered him a criminal against the faith. 

Because of that, the church found him in the northern region of Fódland. After killing him and snatching his axe, they decided to rewrite history at their convenience. The Dominic house was founded on the site where he was killed and gave his descendants noble status to prevent them from revealing the truth. Over the years, they ended up forgetting the actual story.

Is Annette a good choice for me?

Annette is, in general terms, an outstanding character. However, the reality is that she probably won’t be to your liking if you are not used to playing with magic characters. The main problem with Annette is that in her best build, Annette relies almost exclusively on magic. Therefore, if she doesn’t have enough magic stats, she’ll have a big problem: She won’t be able to attack effectively. This can be remedied in a few different ways. The main one is trying to turn her into a combat and physical contact-based class. However, there is a problem with that, which is that, unlike other options, Annette does not have good growth in physical stats. 

Stats aside, if you’re looking for a nice, cute story about someone who wants to learn more about herself, the best option is to have her on your team. Annette is a highly charismatic character, and the truth is that she is generally a lovely person. Not only in how she relates to the rest of the characters within the academy stage but even in how she relates to the other characters after the events in the second half of the game.  

Therefore, if you want a good story, Annette is your best option. Still, if you don’t want a unit based on magic attacks… the reality is that Annette is not the best alternative. Unless you want to invest a lot of time, effort, and money to turn Annette into a physical attack unit. The problem with that is that she will not end up being a good alternative. The problem with Annette is that while she has good physical stats, she won’t have good options in weapon access. The best alternative, in that case, is to turn Annette into an axe user. Still, even so, the primary strategy is to turn her into a Warlock. 

How to Transform Annette Into the Best Warlock?

Annette is basically the best character when it comes to magic in her house. She is tied with Mercedes as the one with the best growth in both magic and dexterity. In that sense, Annette is one of the best choices for growth. Besides that, she has good stamina, being less fragile than Lysithea, for example. Despite this, Annette does not have good growth in speed. Likewise, suppose you compare her with other characters in the game. In that case, their growth is not very interesting for a magic unit. As far as strength is concerned, while it is higher than most mages, she is not at all a unit that can become a physical attacker.

Annette is a mage based on reason. Her focus should be on wind-based spells. In that sense, her spell pool is quite good, having access to Excalibur to eliminate winged enemies in a pretty agile way. In that sense, the best way to get good growth with her is through tutoring, as she only has a D+ growth. One of her advantages is that she is a highly light character. That allows her to have double the chance to perform a chain of consecutive hits every time she attempts to attack. This is especially important when facing Fortress Knights, who usually have a high defense stat.

Another significant advantage Annette has is a relatively good faith-based magic pool. On the one hand, she has access to Heal and Recover but doesn’t have access to the physic spell. The main advantage was access to Abraxas, which allowed her to generate much damage without much trouble. Besides that, although she doesn’t have access to a high Attack Stat, due to her high magic stat, she can use magic-based axes (Crusher and the Bolt Axe). This gives her a pretty good ranged attaOmitons. We could consider Annette a support mage, which, while inferior to Lysithea or Constance in terms of damage, is still good enough to rely on her abilities.

The abilities of Annette as a Warlock

Annette as a warlock gains the following abilities:

  • Perseverance: Use Rally to grant Str +4 to an ally
  • Bowbreaker: Grants Hit/Avo +20 when using magic against bow users.
  • Black Magic Uses x2: Double the number of uses for Black Magic
  • Black Magic Range +1: Increase Black Magic range by 1

Annette Warlock best build for the endgame

  • Health: 55
  • Strength: 43
  • Magic: 73
  • Dexterity: 69
  • Speed: 50
  • Luck: 49
  • Defense: 40
  • Resistance: 41
  • Charm: 49
  • Movement: 7
  • Special Ability:  
    • Perseverance: Use Rally to grant Str +4 to an ally
    • Bowbreaker: Grants Hit/Avo +20 when using magic against bow users.
    • Black Magic Uses x2: Double the number of uses for Black Magic
    • Black Magic Range +1: Increase Black Magic range by 1
  • Combat arts: Dust and Lighting Axe
  • Crest: Dominic
  • Magic: Wind, CuttingGale, Excalibur, Abraxas 
  • Weapon: E sword, E lance, B axe, E bow, E gauntlets, A reason, E Faith, C Authority
  • Equipped items: Crusher, Bolt Axe
  • Class: Warlock

This build is a good alternative because it combines its attack by magic with the possibility of using magic axes. The main difference with other builds is that this one needs to have a B stat in axes. That’s the tricky part to some extent. However, leaving aside the necessary preparation, you will have access to a good pool of spells, the most devastating being Abraxas. You can replace Wind with Heal so that she can have an excellent way to heal herself. The main problem is that this build only works in the Azure moon route or in the new game plus. This is because the Azure moon is the only route that gives access to the paralogue to get the axe crusher.

What Happens if I don’t recruit Annette?

First, you will lose access to one of the best mages in the game and one of the best magic axes in the game in general. This is because the Azure Moon route is the only way to access her paralogue. That aside, here’s what happens if you don’t recruit her in other routes:

  • Crimson Flower: You will fight her during the events of Fhirdiad, fighting alongside her father. You will only have the option to spare her if the Immaculate One is taken down first.
  • Verdant Wind: She doesn’t appear in this route at all. Her fate is completely unknown.

How to Defeat Annette?

  • Level: 38 
  • Health: 38
  • Strength: 12
  • Magic: 31
  • Dexterity: 21
  • Speed: 15
  • Luck: 13
  • Defense:12
  • Resistance: 30
  • Charm: 20
  • Movement: 7
  • Special Ability:  Perseverance, Black Tomefaire, Black Magic Uses x2, Reason Lv5, Axe Prowess Lv5, Black Magic Range +1, Seal Speed, Hit +20
  • Combat arts: Dust
  • Crest: Dominic
  • Magic: Wind, CuttingGale, Excalibur
  • Weapon: E sword, E lance, E axe, E bow, E gauntlets, A reason, E Faith, C Authority
  • Equipped items: Crusher, Training Axe
  • Class: Warlock

You fight Annette on two occasions. The first one is during chapter 7 of the game. However, it is a mock battle, so there are not many problems with defeating her. The other time you fight her is in the game’s last chapter, exclusively in the crimson flower route if you don’t recruit her inside your house. 

Annette, at this point, will appear as an enemy after eliminating the sniper (Gilbert, in case you have not recruited him), trying to push you towards the southern flank. In that case, it is best to eliminate her by physical attacks and not use winged units with her. It is not a good idea to do that because she is equipped with magic attacks that can quickly eliminate them. With that in mind, there is also the alternative of using archers to push it back, but it is a risk due to its magical use. Even so, I think the easiest thing to do is simply eliminate it by using the weapon triangle.

Gift List, Share a Meal and Lost Item

The gift list for Annette is: 

  • Stylish Hair Clip: Favorite (Two stars)
  • Arithmetic Textbook: Favorite (Three stars)
  • Owl Feather: Favorite (Three stars)
  • Book of Sheet Music: Favorite (Three stars)
  • Hunting Dagger: Dislike (Two stars)
  • Coffee Beans: Dislike (Four stars)
  • Ceremonial Sword: Dislike (Four stars)

The share a meal list is:

Grilled Herring
Image from Fire Emblem Wiki
  • Grilled Herring: Favorite
  • Saghert and Cream: Favorite
  • Fish and Bean Soup: Favorite
  • Vegetable Pasta Salad: Favorite
  • Spicy Fish and Turnip Stew: Favorite
  • Onion Gratin Soup: Favorite
  • Sweet and Salty Whitefish Sauté: Favorite
  • Sweet Bun Trio: Favorite
  • Fruit and Herring Tart: Favorite
  • Pheasant Roast with Berry Sauce: Favorite
  • Peach Sorbet: Favorite
  • Pickled Seafood and Vegetables: Favorite
  • Two-Fish Sauté: Favorite
  • Vegetable Stir-Fry: Favorite
  • Beast Meat Teppanyaki: Dislike
  • Pickled Rabbit Skewers: Dislike
  • Gautier Cheese Gratin: Dislike

And the lost item list is:

  • Unfinished Score
  • School Of Sorcery Book
  • Wax Diptych

The best way to level up Annette

As I mentioned in the section of her build, the best option you have for Annette to have access to a good pool of spells is to do tutoring sessions in reason. This is because, unlike other alternatives, Annette is an excellent way to get experience without many problems. Likewise, suppose you tutor her in axe use. In that case, it is a good option since it will give her access to the use of magic axes. Although they are physical weapons, they only use the magic statistic to calculate the attack.

There is also the option to carry Annette in skirmishes. However, the experience she gains from such events is relatively low. Even so, it can be a good idea to increase her level of authority since she is one of the best battalion users due to her support possibilities.


Question: Is there any way to play Annette Paralogue in my route?

Answer: No. The only route you can play this paralogue is on the Azure Moon Route because is the one where she can find her uncle. With that in mind, if you want the crusher axe, the only way you will have access to it is by either playing the azure moon route or the new game plus.

Question: Why Annette had to fight her uncle?

Answer: Before answering this question, I have to say clearly… Spoiler alert. The reality is that it’s all about a facade to prevent Cornelia (the villain of the game) from thinking that Lord Dominic is in favor of the rebellion. In reality, he never wanted to hurt Annette. Still, he had to pretend that she stole the crusher to avoid Cornelia’s fury, who had him and his wife under a death threat.

Question: Are Annette and Mercedes best friends?

Answer: Yes, Annette and Mercedes are best friends. This can be seen even if you pit them against each other as enemies. They both have personalized dialogue in case you have to eliminate them with each other. It’s an unfortunate situation that reminds us of the rawness of war.

Final Thoughts on Annette

Annette is a pretty cool character. I really like playing with mages, and the fact that she also makes use of magic axes allows her to cover both long and close-range attacks. This goes hand in hand with her stats making her a good support character. She is also very charming. Her story is one of the nicest in the game, and her friendship with Mercedes is tender.

As for me, Annette is one of my favorite characters in the game. I always try to recruit her, no matter the route, as I don’t really like the idea of her having to fight with Mercedes. Also, her story has always seemed to me one of the best. As far as her play style goes, using magic attacks is one of my favorite strategies. That is why Annette is a character I don’t mind using.

With all that in mind, if you’re looking for a cute story with a charismatic character and you’re interested in learning how to use magic-based builds, Annette is one of the best options, without a doubt. And even if you don’t like magic builds, Annette can have a special place in your heart. 

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