Ethan Mojica

Ethan's first contact with the FE saga was with a Super Nintendo emulator that his father had installed on his PC. The ROM in question? Genealogy of a Holy War. After that, He remembers the first Fire Emblem game he managed to complete was The blazing Blade on a GBA emulator for android and his favorite character of the whole saga is Seliph. Outside of FE, Ethan is a keen indie gaming fan and loves reviewing games when he gets the chance!

Ashe Fire Emblem Guide

Some characters make you wonder: “why are you not the protagonist of this game?” The fact is that they have stories, character arcs, and growth that could easily make them the story’s protagonist. And I’m not talking about things like “everyone is the protagonist of their own story” or something like that. I’m talking about …

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Yuri Fire Emblem Guide

One thing that makes Fire Emblem Three Houses utterly different from the rest of the series games is how it relates to its downloadable content. The first time a Fire Emblem game had downloadable content was in the days of Fire Emblem Awakening. Still, the main difference there is with that kind of downloadable content …

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