Sam Sturgeon

Sam Sturgeon is a BFA Acting major from TCU with a passion for video games and animation, more specifically, JRPGs like Fire Emblem. Between long gaming sessions, Sam can also be found writing plays and novels.

Sylvain Fire Emblem Guide

One of the biggest draws of Three Houses is the three separate routes that players have access to. The multi-route system opened the door for more characters than usual in a Fire Emblem game. Three Houses also added the ability to recruit allies to their current house, allowing them almost always to use their favorites from prior playthroughs. …

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Lysithea Tea Party Guide

Lysithea is possibly my favorite character in Fire Emblem, next to Dimitri. She’s the only 5-star exclusive character I have a +10 copy of in Heroes and the only student character aside from Flayn I consistently used in my party for every Three Houses playthrough. One of the reasons I grew to appreciate the character so much was thanks to the …

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