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One thing that differentiates Fire Emblem Fates from the other games in the saga is that it has three different versions of the same story. This means that not only are there different characters in each of the game’s routes but also that they are involved in entirely different situations from one another. However, some characters appear in all three versions of the game, so they experience the story from just the three completely different points of view. And Azura is one of those characters who, no matter your initial choice, will end up accompanying you throughout the game.

Azura is a character that is too complicated for her own good, in a wrong way. On the one hand, her class is one of the most necessary for developing a standard game within any Fire Emblem. Still, it has the problem of not being well thought out. It’s a class that doesn’t have enough strength in the endgame, so you’ll want to replace her on more than one occasion. 

On the other hand, Azura’s problem is that she has a story that tries to be profound, but it’s not really complicated at all; it’s a simple story, but (like most things in Fire Emblem Fates) they try to overcomplicate it, so much so that it ends up being boring. She is one of the characters I find most unappealing when playing Fire Emblem Fates. 

Even so, because she is necessary for the proper development of the game, there is a chance that you will end up getting fond of her. If you don’t, the best you can do is simply turn her into a good unit that can survive most of its battles by fulfilling its function. With that in mind, let’s start with this analysis of Azura. 

Important Information to Know about Azura

Azura Fire Emblem

  • Health: 16
  • Strength: 5
  • Magic: 2
  • Skill: 8
  • Speed: 8
  • Luck: 10
  • Defense: 4
  • Resistance: 7
  • Movement: 5
  • Special Ability: Healing Descant and Luck +4
  • Weapon: E-lance
  • Equipped items: Brass Naginata, Bronze Lance. 

One of the things that can be seen at a glance is that it is a unit too weak in absolutely all aspects. It has a maximum HP similar to the two healers in the game, and the only stat it has relatively high is its Luck. However, Azura depends mainly on its Luck +4 skill. Without this ability, her Luck is still relatively low. Leaving that aside, her Skill and Speed are other high points within her stats. Still, Azura has a problem related to her class, which is that, unlike other characters, Azura will not be able to improve her class, being stuck in it until level 40. 

The only usefulness that Azura has at a general level are two: On the one hand, the fact that she can allow a unit to attack twice in the same Turn by using her ability to sing (basically fulfilling the function of being the dancer of the game), and on the other hand, what makes her a good alternative is the fact that she is one of the units that can use Dragon Veins, which makes her quite crucial for the development of the game’s story. 

And speaking of the game’s story, Azura is one of the key pieces within the game. She is basically the way Corrin recovers most of the memories he has repressed. She is also how the game explains to the player many things in a blatant way. To a certain extent, Azura could be considered the game encyclopedia since she explains the background of many situations and characters to the player. Even so, after a couple of hours of gameplay, you start to grow somewhat fond of her, as she doesn’t do it in an annoying way, but rather as a sort of guide or big sister. I never really liked it, but the reality is that with its design and way of being, I understand why many people like her.

Azura’s Background

The background of Azura is messy, and by the way it is explained, I can’t really talk about it without risking spoiling the game. So with that in mind, I would try to give you a general context rather than explaining every detail of her backstory.

Azura is a princess of the kingdom of Nohr; however, when the kingdom of Nohr kidnaps Corrin from the kingdom of Hoshido, they decide to kidnap one of the princesses to try to force a sort of hostage exchange situation. The princess they kidnap is Azura. The reality is that the king of Nohr had no interest in recovering the kidnapped princess, so she ends up being raised in the palace of Hoshido as if she were one of the daughters of Queen Mikoto. Basically, being a sort of princess exchange situation where Azura ends up taking the place that Corrin should have had in her family. 

After that, when Corrin arrives back in Hoshido, she feels resentment because, in a way, she is living the life that Corrin should have lived, so she decides to always go with him on at least two routes (Birthright and Revelations). In the Conquest route, although at the beginning she doesn’t want to betray Hoshido, she ends up doing it. The reason behind her betrayal on the revelation route is that she is imprisoned due to the suspicion that she betrayed the kingdom after the attempt on Queen Mikoto’s life. 

Why Should I Play with Azura?


The reality is that, like it or not, you will end up playing with Azura, not really being an option in most chapters of the game unless you want to artificially raise the difficulty of the game. The reason behind this is that, to some extent, Azura is the co-protagonist of the game along with Corrin. She is one of the few units available from the beginning of the game. She is also one of the few units that are 100% reliable because you know that you will be able to use her in all chapters. She is the team singer, allowing them to attack twice. 

Despite this, the reality is that Azura is not a good character in statistical terms. She is a somewhat fragile unit, with very low HP, minimal defense, and terrible resistance. She depends too much on her speed, skill, and Luck to survive most enemy attacks using the evasion mechanic. Besides that, it has a reasonably respectable strength growth, allowing it to face one or another enemy unit, but not being able to rely entirely on itself, being better accompanied as a member of a pair up in attack position. 

In addition to that, since her initial class is permanent as she has no promotion, she ends up being stuck with only five-movement squares, which limits her range of movement too much. The best option is to teach her the Movement +1 skill and equip boots to increase her chances of moving around the map. This benefits her to sing and allows her allies to improve attack possibilities, not for her to attack.

To a certain extent, she can use spears to attack from a distance. She has the disadvantage that the growth of weapons in her class is minimal, being trapped in the C rank. This limits the options of weapons Azura has in general, not being able to use the Silver Naginata, staying only with those spears that work for levels lower than C.

Likewise, because Azura has no promotion possibilities, the skills she gets are limited. However, she is a perfect unit in which Rally can be used due to her class skills, so it is a good idea to always have a rally partner nearby.

The characters with which Azura can obtain affinity are: 

  • Corrin
  • Jakob
  • Kaze
  • Silas
  • Ryoma
  • Takumi
  • Saizo
  • Azama
  • Hinata
  • Subaki
  • Hayato
  • Kaden
  • Xander
  • Leo
  • Laslow
  • Niles
  • Odin
  • Arthur
  • Keaton
  • Benny
  • Hinoka
  • Sakura
  • Elise
  • Shigure
  • Azura’s second child.

In general, all the routes reveal essential things about Azura’s past. However, I would prioritize those of Azura and her siblings, leaving Corrin as a love interest since they mutually benefit their children in terms of the class pool he can access.

How to Transform Azura Into the Best Songtress


There are two options for working with Azura. The first and the easiest one is to leave it as it is. The reality is that this is the option I go for in my games, as the only use Azura has in the game is to be the singing unit. Therefore I see her more as a resource that gives me access to an ability. Also, even though her stats are mediocre, she can generally deal with most enemies, being a character meant to defend herself based on Luck. 

The second option is somewhat complicated and is based on changing Azura to her second class, Sky Knight, then Kinshi Knight, and finally changing her back to congress. Once I tried this alternative, it was complicated because it only provided the options to turn Azura into a relatively fast unit with more complete abilities. However, the reality is that the effort doesn’t pay off because even though she is relatively more robust in skills, she will not be able to use most of the spears in the game. Still, I recommend using it at least once. 

The Abilities of Azura Songtress.

She starts with: 

  • Healing Descant: Allies within a 2 tile radius recover 10% HP at the start of the player’s Turn
  • Luck +4: Luck +4

At level 10, she will gain:

  • Inspiring Song: Skill, Speed, and Luck +3 for one Turn for the unit that receives the user’s song

At level 25, she will gain: 

Voice of peace: 

  • Enemies within a 2 tile radius deal 2 less physical damage

At level 35, she will gain:

  • Foreign Princess: “Foreign Army” enemies within a 2 tile radius deal 2 less damage and receive 2 extra damage

How to Play Azura Songstress Promotion

The final build will look like

  • Health: 45
  • Strength: 28
  • Magic: 27
  • Skill: 31
  • Speed: 31
  • Luck: 35
  • Defense: 27
  • Resistance: 28
  • Movement: 6
  • Special Ability: 
    • Healing Descant: Allies within a 2 tile radius recover 10% HP at the start of the player’s Turn
    • Luck +4: Luck +4
    • Inspiring Song: Skill, Speed, and Luck +3 for one Turn for the unit that receives the user’s song
    • Enemies within a 2 tile radius deal 2 less physical damage
    • Foreign Princess: “Foreign Army” enemies within a 2 tile radius deal 2 less damage and receive 2 extra damage
  • Weapon: C-lance
  • Equipped items: Steel lance, Blessed Lance, Boots, Concoction. 

The main thing that sets Azura apart is her ability to use her singing ability. As you can see, it is a unit that bases its entire strategy on avoiding being attacked. Many of its stats and points are related to preventing anyone else from taking life from it. It is basically a build based on evasion. What Azura is looking for is basically to prevent another character from doing damage before she manages to sing her allies. 

In addition, we take advantage of her passive ability that allows people near her to recover 10% of their total HP so that most of your army and units can recover adequately. To say the least, Azura is a simple character to build. Still, she has some complexity due to the limitations of her own house. Really, she could have benefited from a promotion, but I understand that they couldn’t do it for story reasons. 

Azura’s Other Apparitions

Azura Fire Emblem

In addition to appearing in Fire Emblem Fates, Azura also appears in Fire emblem Warriors and Fire Emblem Heroes. 

In Fire Emblem Warriors, Azura is a downloadable character, with a downloadable chapter that similarly recreates the events of Fire Emblem Fates chapters 5 and 23, but little else. Other than that, one thing that makes the Azura from Fire emblem Warriors a better character than the one from fire emblem fates is the ability to promote her class to a new class called Diva. 

Being a Mushou and not played like the rest of the game, the truth is that gameplay is quite good, having the possibility of making long combos and allowing to capture many enemy territories quickly, allowing attacks in the form of bows.

In Heroes, Azura appears in several versions: 

  • Azura, Lady of the lake: Infantry Lance
  • Azura, Lady of ballads: Infantry axe
  • Azura, Celebratory Spirit: Flying Axe
  • Azura, Young Songstress: Infantry Tome
  • Azura, Vallite Songstress: Flying Tomes
  • Azura and Leanne, Hatari Duet: Cavalry Tome

The Best Way to Level Up Azura

The best way is to use a combination of attacks and singing. That is to say, allow it to finish off those enemies with an incomplete life bar and then combine it with its ability to sing and allow other enemies to attack, thus allowing it to obtain enough experience without too many problems. After all, the priority is just to obtain the possibility of having a large amount of experience that allows you to build a defensive build for Azura.


Question: Is it better to reclass Azura permanently?

Answer: It is an option, but you will lose the only dancer the games offer you. No other unit can be this class, not even Azura’s Children.

Question: Who is Azura’s canonical husband?

Answer: She doesn’t have a canon Husband. However, the best options are Corrin because it gives Azura’s Children many options for reclassing.

Question: Are Azura and Corrin Brothers?

Answer: No. Azura and Corrin are cousins. SPOILER ALERT, it is revealed later in the game that Queen Mikoto (Corrin’s Mother) and Queen Arete (Azura’s Mother) are sisters.

Final Thoughts on Azura

Azura is an unfortunate unit due to her limited range of customization options. She could have benefited in many ways; for example, getting better stats or a promotion would have been a good way for her to have a better position in the game. Still, she didn’t because the story was the most crucial thing in Fire Emblem Fates. 

Still, story-wise, Fire Emblem Fates is one of the weakest, and Azura suffers mainly from lousy writing. She could have benefited if they had written a less complicated backstory. Still, after playing the game a couple of times, you might grow fond of her. She’s not one of my favorite characters. Still, it’s understandable why many people like her: she simultaneously has a kind and mysterious personality, which makes her strangely familiar.

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