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One thing that differentiates Fire Emblem Fates from the rest of the saga is that you can find three different stories in the same game. However, even though the game is basically the same, the story it tells you changes quite a bit, mainly because of the characters that appear in each version.

Takumi is one of the best characters in all three game versions. Whether using him as a playable character in Birthright, facing him as an enemy in Conquest, or discovering the hidden truths in Revelations. Takumi is undoubtedly one of the best characters overall and is a character that I really like a lot.

This guide will discover the two sides of the story, just like in the game. I will tell you how to get Takumi’s best potential as an archer in the game if you manage to recruit him. But, you will learn how to defeat him straightforwardly if you don’t manage to recruit him. No matter what version of Fire Emblem Fates you play, you will learn how Takumi is one of the best characters in the series. You may even find that once you’ve finished the game, you’ll want to start the other version (Believe me, that happened to me).

Before starting, I want to mention some things: Takumi can be a bit complicated character to play. Mainly because despite being an archer, like most of the characters in the Birthright version, it’s usually a bit difficult to find a class for him at the end of the game. This is mostly because he has a chaotic playstyle in comparison to most of the archers in the game (but that is what I like about him as a character).

But don’t worry, at the end of this guide, you will know exactly how to do it, so you can have among your ranks one of the best archers (if not the best archer) in all of Hoshido.

Takumi Fight

Important Information to Know about Takumi

  • Level: 11
  • Health: 26
  • Strength: 13
  • Magic: 0
  • Skill: 17+2
  • Speed: 11
  • Luck: 13
  • Defense: 10
  • Resistance: 4
  • Movement: 5
  • Skills: Competitive, Skill +2, Quick Draw
  • Weapon: Bow- C
  • Equipped items: Fujin Yumi, Iron Yumi (Revelation Only)
  • Class: Archer

Takumi appears for the first time in the game prologue and then appears again in chapters five and six. In chapter six, Corrin decides to ally with Hoshido or Nohrio (or neither if you are playing revelations). It is the part in which Takumi formally becomes part of the player’s army, or otherwise, the moment he becomes a hostile unit.

One of the first things that I noticed about Takumi is that it has no magical capabilities, which can be a disadvantage because, along with low magical capabilities, it also has a low resistance. However, it has a perfect amount of both luck and speed, which makes it a worthy alternative for performing evasions. This is what I meant when talking about him being a chaotic character because he depends a lot on possibilities and percentages.

On top of that, he has two excellent abilities for the beginning of the game: Quick Draw and Competitive. Why are they good? Simple, Takumi can do more critical hits, do more damage to enemies, and take less overall damage as long as he has a lower level than the person he is paired with. This makes him the ideal choice for dual attacks.

Additionally, with Quick Draw, he will always do more damage when initiating fights, which in general means that he is a clearly offensive character who can carry any battle without much trouble.
I think that this is good if you are playing on his side but can make trouble if you fight against Takumi. So consider that information before starting any battles with or against Takumi.

Takumi’s Background

One thing that makes Takumi one of the most complete characters in the game is that he is too complex. He has a background that is in my opinion well structured and, in general, is one of the characters that best explains his motives, to act the way he does.
Without going into spoilers from the game, Takumi is one of Corrin’s brothers born in Hoshido, one of the most affected by Corrin’s kidnapping. Although Takumi didn’t show many feelings at the beginning of Corrin’s arrival, the reality is that Takumi missed Corrin too much and thought he would never see him again.

In addition, he sees Corrin as a rival because they are pretty close in age. This rivalry is also because Takumi feels guilt. Takumi believes he was not strong enough to prevent Corrin from being kidnapped, something he still blames himself for. That is really sad in my opinion and let us know how deep the care Takumi Has for Corrin.

One of the most exciting points about Takumi is that he has a radio drama exclusive to Japan called “Birthright Drama CD [Takumi’s Prequel – Corrin’s Homecoming Tale].” This allows us to learn a little more about how Takumi reacted to the arrival of his lost brother. And it also shows us how his cool-guy attitude that never has any interest in other people is actually a facade.
In the drama CD, we are told how Takumi is excited to finally meet Corrin after arriving in Hoshido. Still, it also shows us that he doesn’t really know how to react to his arrival because he has no memory of him. On top of that, it shows us that he was jealous that Ryoma selected Corrin instead of Takumi for a mission.

Overall, the CD drama shows us that Takumi generally is envious of Corrin and his relationship with Ryoma, likewise showing us how Takumi starts to become increasingly cold and distant with Corrin, even accusing him of being a Nohr spy. Throughout the rest of the Drama, we are shown that this jealousy is because he is confused by his feelings and cares a lot about Corrin, wanting him to get his memories back as soon as possible. The CD drama ends right at the beginning of chapter five, so it allows us to delve deeper into why Takumi doesn’t appear in the game until the beginning of that chapter and also gives more context as to why he was so jealous and competitive with Corrin.

Why Should I Play with Takumi?

Takumi Emblem fire

If you think that the best defense is a brutal offense, Takumi is the best character for you. His skill with the bow quickly makes him one of the best characters who use bows at the beginning of the adventure (he is the second archer you gain access to in the whole game). And generally, he is the best archer out there compared to others.
He has good stats in basically every point that matters except for his speed and stamina, which puts him at a brief disadvantage against tomes, especially those from Dark Mages or Diviners, because they can generally damage him severely.

However, Takumi has one of the highest growth rates in the game, as every time he levels up, he reaches a significant stat increase. This makes him especially good for countering the presence of spear or shuriken users. What I did in my own run of the game was to leave him at least one level below the rest of my team to take advantage of his personal ability when using him as a member of a support unit (especially in attack positions), and I think is the best strategy for him.

Another thing I like about Takumi is that he has one of the most potent weapons in the game. His Yumi is in my opinion, one of the most powerful Yumi in general. The reason is that it does not reduce any of the stats and allows Takumi to move through mountainous terrain without any penalty, and believe me when I tell you that it helped me a lot for intercepting enemies or escaping from difficult situations.

It is best to let Takumi remain a class that can use bows to make use of the general damage created by the fujin yumi, mainly because of its free movement ability, which is passively activated by having it in the inventory.

The two possible promotions for Takumi are Sniper and Kinshi Knight. Sniper, on the one hand, makes him a more lethal option because it allows him to get a better critical hit streak and improves his strength to a higher level. He also gains access to two of the best abilities for bow users: Certain Blow and Bowfaire. With Certain Blow, Takumi has a higher hit rate, which prevents classes like assassins from evading his attacks. With Bowfaire, he gets even more widespread damage. Sniper’s only weakness is that it will have lower stamina.

On the other hand, Kinshi Knight brings the problem that makes him especially susceptible to bow users and those who use Beast Killers. But, he does have access to two of the best abilities: Air Superiority and Amaterasu. The former allows him to always be able to effectively attack flying units. In contrast, Amaterasu allows him to recover HP every time he rests and gives him a general boost to his stamina.

I would recommend leaving him as a Sniper. That’s what I did and it helped me to avoid problems related to anti-air units and units that can kill beasts easily, as well as having one of the best options related to increased strength; just make sure to always have him paired with a unit that has higher resistance.

The characters with which Takumi can obtain affinity are:

Leo and Takumi

  • Corrin (Both Male and Female)
  • Rinkah
  • Orochi
  • Kagero
  • Hana
  • Setsuna
  • Oboro
  • Felicia
  • Azura
  • Mozu
  • Camilla (Revelation)
  • Elise (Revelation)
  • Ryoma
  • Hinata
  • Jakob
  • Hinoka
  • Sakura
  • Leo (Revelation)
  • Kiragi
  • Shigure (if Takumi is his father)
  • Kana (if Takumi is his father)

I would recommend pairing him with all of his siblings because they are the support more important story-wise. Regarding his romantic support, the best partner can be Hannah or Rinkah.

How to Transform Takumi Into the Best Sniper?

Takumi Fighter

The main thing you have to concentrate on for his sniper promotion is to increase his attack and speed. A sniper must be strong and fast enough to eliminate his enemies in one shot and, if he can’t, dodge any attack from his opponent. Focusing equally on getting skills that increase evasion, or on the other hand allowing him to have weapons that increase evasion, is one of the other suitable options to make his promotion to sniper feel as natural and adequate as possible, which is what you want when playing with Takumi.

Another critical point is to improve his stamina through his Buddy Sets. This is because despite having a good attack, one of the weak points of his sniper build is that he does not have an outstanding amount of stamina, being very susceptible to mage attacks. The buddy set that gives him the most resistance is Oboro’s, but it has the problem that it lowers his speed a bit, so it is essential to find a middle ground.

Likewise, concentrating on good skills such as the use of Certain blow is one of the best ideas, this so that its range of effectiveness is greater, which is why it is a good idea to always leave Competitive equipped, since between the two basically add 50% more to give a blow (being 10% critical). Therefore, unless the enemy has maximum evasion, it is unlikely to be a problem.

The abilities of Takumi as a Sniper

Takumi starts with:

  • Competitive: If Takumi’s level is lower or equal to his support unit’s level, Critical rate +10, damage +3, and damage received -1
  • Skill +2: Increases Skill by 2.
  • Quick Draw: This unit deals +4 damage when initiating combat.
  • When he becomes a sniper, he gains:
  • Certain Blow: When user triggers the battle, Hit rate +40
  • Bowfaire: +5 Damage dealt while a Bow/Yumi is equipped.
  • Hit Rate +10: Increases accuracies by 10
  • Critical +10: Increases critical hits by 10.

How to Play Takumi Sniper Promotion

The final Takumi Build will look like this:

  • Health: 57
  • Strength: 31
  • Magic: 28
  • Skill: 37
  • Speed: 35
  • Luck: 35
  • Defense: 33
  • Resistance: 30
  • Movement: 6

Special abilities:

  • Competitive: If Takumi’s level is lower or equal to his support unit’s level, Critical rate +10, damage +3, and damage received -1
  • Quick Draw: This unit deals +4 damage when initiating combat.
  • Certain Blow: When user triggers the battle, Hit rate +40
  • Bowfaire: +5 Damage dealt while a Bow/Yumi is equipped.
  • Hit Rate +10: Increases accuracies by 10
  • Critical +10: Increases critical hits by 10.
  • Weapon: S- Bows
  • Items equipped: Fujin Yumi, elixir.
  • Class: Sniper

The main point of this build is that Takumi can eliminate enemies efficiently and quickly, as well as evade attacks. With the preservation of fujin Yumi, he can walk over mountainous terrain, which gives him a constant escape route in case he needs it and even allows him to eliminate enemies that will not be able to reach him, thanks to his ability as a sniper.

What Happens if I Don’t Side with Takumi? (Conquest and Revelations Only)

Takumi with a Friend

In Conquest and Revelations, you are given the option of not teaming up with Takumi. This is because, in the case of Conquest, you choose to go with the kingdom of Nohr, while in Revelations, you prefer not to go with any kingdom. On both occasions, Takumi becomes an enemy, the only thing that changes the possibility of being recruited. In Revelations, Takumi can be recruited as you progress through the story, while in Conquest, he cannot.

In both storylines, Takumi and his siblings become the main antagonists, and you must eliminate them to continue the game. I recommend playing a game in each storyline at least once.

Takumi as a Boss (Conquest and Revelations)

We fight Takumi in chapters six, ten, thirteen, twenty-three, twenty-eight of the conquest line, chapter six, and xenologue twenty of the revelations line.

In chapter six of Conquest and Revelations, Takumi is not really a hard enemy at all; What I recommend is to use a guard stance, because he falls relatively easy to any direct confrontational physical attack. Especially in the case of any magic-user due to his zero resistance. The only real problem that exists with Takumi is the fact that he can counterattack. Still, he won’t give much trouble because his level is shallow.

In chapter ten of Conquest, it is not necessary to defeat Takumi; just resist for eleven turns without enemies conquering your stronghold. Takumi is still a relatively minor nuisance, so the main thing is to avoid him as much as possible; the only advantage of facing him is that he gives you an elixir if you manage to eliminate him, which is a good idea if you are short of life.
In chapter thirteen, Takumi appears as an enemy. Still, eliminating him is unnecessary because the main objective is to rout the enemy, so if you eliminate the rest of his army, you will be covered. The best thing you can do to eliminate Takumi is to eliminate him with a spear user on the south bridge.

In chapter twenty-three, Takumi will have the sniper ability and use a crossbow. In this case, the ideal is to direct him towards the gate tile to avoid enemies protecting him and eliminate him with direct physical attacks. This is because Takumi, being a sniper, benefits from indirect attacks.
However, the real challenge happens in Xenologue Twenty and chapter twenty-eight. Both are pretty similar in terms of Takumi’s abilities. The best way to prevent him from attacking you is to eliminate him by using magic so that he doesn’t do much direct damage.

Takumi builds in these chapters are:

  • Chapter twenty-eight:
  • Level: 20
  • Health: 60
  • Strength: 28
  • Magic: 0
  • Skill: 34
  • Speed: 28
  • Luck: 15
  • Defense: 24
  • Resistance: 22
  • Movement: –
  • Special abilities:

Competitive: If Takumi’s level is lower or equal to his support unit’s level, Critical rate +10, damage +3, and damage received -1
Draconic Hex: After battle, all enemy’s stats -4 (stats recover by 1 each turn)
Dragonskin: Halves damage taken and reduces the effects of critical and offensive skills. Negates Lethality, Counter and non-battle damaging skills

Bold Stance: When the user is the lead unit, even in Guard Stance, the support unit can trigger Dual Strikes, but enemy Dual Strikes are not passively negated

  • Weapon: S- Bows
  • Items equipped: Skadi.
  • Class: Sniper
  • Meanwhile, for xenologue twenty is:
  • Level: 20
  • Health: 41
  • Strength: 24
  • Magic: 0
  • Skill: 33
  • Speed: 28
  • Luck: 5
  • Defense: 20
  • Resistance: 10
  • Movement: 6

Special abilities:

  • Competitive: If Takumi’s level is lower or equal to his support unit’s level, Critical rate +10, damage +3, and damage received -1
  • Quick Draw: This unit deals +4 damage when initiating combat.
  • Certain Blow: When user triggers the battle, Hit rate +40
  • Skill +2: Increases Skill by 2.
  • Weapon: S- Bows
  • Items equipped: Fujin Yumi, elixir.

As you can see, both builds have a tremendous offensive comparison. To eliminate Takumi, especially the one in chapter twenty-eight, the ideal is to avoid direct contact and constantly attack to avoid the accumulation of adverse effects.
The Best Way to Level Up Takumi
What I can recommend you to do is to play with Takumi in skirmishes. This will help you level up quite quickly and it allows you to gain many levels in one paralogue for example. However, remember that his personal ability of Takumi depends on him being under level, so is not recommendable to level him so much. At least, I won’t recommend it because it makes it harder to play with it.

Takumi in other games

takumi fire emblem warriors

Takumi also appears as one of the main characters in Fire Emblem Warriors. In the game, he is still an archer and one of the intermediate characters. It’s a good idea to try playing him if you don’t have a lot of experience because he can help you generate a lot of battles.
Takumi is playable in basically the entire game without problems and has options to change class. However, the class he accesses is still an archer. He is perfect for wiping out large armies but has trouble taking on bosses.


Question: Does Takumi has a canon wife?

Answer: No. However, the best wives are Hannah and Rinkah because they give better options for building construction for Takumi’s son. Hannah is better if you want a physical class. Meanwhile, Rinkah is better for magic classes.

Question: Is Takumi a Bad guy?

Answer: No. Takumi is just misunderstood. He is a good guy, but because of his jealousy and envy for Corrin, he ends up being possessed by a dark dragon.

Question: Should I Go for a More Physical Class with Takumi?

Answer: No. It is a Bad Idea. Takumi benefits from Fujin Yumi’s skill to pass through mountains without problems. If you don’t use it, you will lose a lot of range in means of possibilities to defeat enemies.

Final Thoughts on Takumi

Takumi is a fun character to play. One of the best archers, with a very well-constructed story. Although many people don’t tend to like Fates, Takumi is one of the best parts of Fates. Mostly because he is a very well-built character with a fantastic backstory and abilities. If you like to play with characters that have unconventional strategies, Takumi will have you cover as that character that is really special in his strategy.

Give Takumi a chance if you ever play Fire Emblem Fates, because maybe he will surprise you and you will end up becoming a regular player of fire emblem fates. At least that is what happened to me. I used to really hate Fates, but once I played with Takumi, I play it maybe once per year. I mean, it is not genealogy of a holy war, but at least I get a chance to play with once of the most original characters in the franchise in terms of strategy.

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