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One of the best parts of the fire emblem games is the many different characters in the game. Each character has different characteristics, allowing you to know more about the game’s world. Getting to know the characters is one of the best ways to better understand the world. The world of Awakening is one of the most interesting, and one of the best ways to get to know a bit more about it is through its cast. And Olivia is just one of the best characters in the cast.

Olivia is, in my opinion, one of the best characters in Fire Emblem Awakening. She is my second favorite character. The main reason why I consider Olivia to be an essential character in the game is that it represents a much more exciting character evolution than the rest of the game’s cast. She goes from being a shy character who doesn’t seem to offer much to the story and becomes a key player in most games.

Olivia is the representation of character evolution in the game. It is the best way to evaluate how a character changes throughout the story. Therefore, in this article, I want to share a little more about how Olivia becomes a great character in such a short time.

Important Information to Know about Olivia

Olivia DancerOlivia is a Dancer. This means that it is a fundamental part of your army. There is only one dancer in the game, and because of that, you must ensure that she will survive every battle in the game. Without a dancer, the game becomes considerably more difficult. Why? Well, the dancer class is what allows your units to attack a second time in the same phase.

Dancers are a necessary class in the whole campaign, mainly because they allow most battles against large armies to be reduced to smaller turns. On top of that, their use allows for a strategic advantage against most enemies. For that strategic advantage alone, you must learn how to use it. Olivia’s initial stats are:

  • Health: 18
  • Strength: 3
  • Magic: 1
  • Skill: 8
  • Speed: 9
  • Luck: 5 (+4 because of her ability)
  • Defense: 3
  • Resistance: 2
  • Movement: 5
  • Special Ability: Luck +4
  • Weapon: Sword -D
  • Equipped items: Iron Sword, Concoction

Olivia, as a unit is really a bit complicated to play at the beginning; as you can see, she has a significant amount of luck and a tremendous amount of speed. In general, she is a character that is meant to be evasive. However, if the evasions don’t work, it becomes a complicated character to play. This is due to its defense and stamina being too low.

The critical point that has to be understood in this case is that Olivia is intended to function based on luck. We could consider that her main mechanic is to have excellent luck and be especially fast. This can be seen in its growth rate:

  • HP:75%
  • Str: 40%
  • Mag: 25%
  • Skl: 70%
  • Spd: 70%
  • Lck: 60%
  • Def: 25%
  • Res: 20%

As seen in her growth radius, Olivia has one of the best speed and luck growth rates. She is only surpassed in speed by myrmidons, and in the case of luck, she is only surpassed by tricksters. In addition to that, with the modifiers of the statistics, we can appreciate one more feature:

  • Str:0
  • Mag: 0
  • Skl: +1
  • Spd: +1
  • Luk: 0
  • Def: -1
  • Res: -1

Olivia’s stat modifiers prove this point: She is a character designed to attack quickly and evade effectively. This is achieved by combining great speed with great luck, but she will be in trouble if this strategy fails. Overall, Olivia can become a focal unit in the game. The main thing you need to do how to do is to protect her correctly.

Olivia’s Background

fire emblem heroes olivia festival dancer

Olivia is a dancer who is part of a traveling theater company. Because of this, she is forced to travel all over the continent of Ylisse. Olivia dances extremely beautifully, so much so that it is even said that birds standstill in the air to watch her dance. This reached the ears of one noble of Ferox, who fell in love with her immediately upon seeing Olivia.

Despite the nobleman’s attempts, Olivia rejected him quite clearly. However, the nobleman did not accept this rejection and initiated a plan to kidnap and marry her. This plan almost succeeded; however, it was averted thanks to Basil, one of the two Khans of Ferox.

Because of this, Olivia becomes a close friend of the Khan. This is what leads Olivia to meet Chrom and the rest of the army during chapter 10 of Fire emblem awakening. The rest of Olivia’s story is told within the game, so I don’t want to spoil it for you.

However, one of the most essential points about Olivia is the origin of her shyness, which is precisely due to that traumatic experience with the noble of Ferox. But, throughout the story, if you make the right choices, you can eventually make Olivia break the ice.

Why play with Olivia?

One of the first things you need to understand is that Olivia is a crucial character for the successful development of any Fire Emblem game. Although it could be considered an unnecessary character compared to Chrom or Robin, Olivia actually plays a fundamental role in allowing your team to win. Especially in battles where there are many members of the enemy army.

Olivia is a dancer, which means that her central ability is that she has a third option besides attacking or using items: Dancing. The dancing ability is unique to Olivia. By dancing, Olivia allows a unit that has already used its attack turn to attack again without any inconvenience.

In addition to that, if Olivia manages to reach level 15, her dancing skill improves thanks to the special dance skill. With this ability, besides allowing the unit to attack twice per turn, it allows its attack, magic, defense, and resistance to increase by two turns. What does this mean for the units? Basically, it allows their offensive ability to increase, which is ideal if the unit is at a strategic disadvantage against the enemy.

However, one of the main problems you will face when you start playing with Olivia is during her first combat. Olivia’s first appearance in your army is at the end of chapter 11, that is to say, at the end of the first half of the game. And despite this, Olivia will start at level one with meager stats.

It is very likely that if you don’t take good care of Olivia during her first levels, she will be eliminated quickly. Remember that Olivia is the only dancer in the game. If Olivia is eliminated, absolutely no other dancer or troubadour will appear in the game. Not even by using a second seal on a female unit.

In general, Olivia is characterized by being highly evasive. Therefore, if you manage to survive her recruitment chapter, you won’t have to worry about the offensive part.

Her high speed, skill, and luck support boost benefit her partner in a Pair Up. Therefore, ideally, at least until she reaches level 15, you should always keep a pair up with Olivia. The recommendations for these pair-ups are Robin, Chrom, Frederick, Lon’qu, and Gregor, because of their considerable Strenght and Defense. Other options for the Pair-Ups are Virizion or Henry; However, they are not as good because they are far attack units. They can’t defend Olivia in direct confrontations.

Olivia could be posed as an attacking Dancer; however, the truth is that most of her skills and characteristics make her a support option rather than an attacking option. Suppose you’re serious about using her to attack. In that case, the best thing to do is change her class several times to get the skills and stats needed to make her a decent attacker, although this will give you some work.

If you really want this, you can turn her into a Myrmidon because it will further increase her Skill, Speed, Luck, and Str. Olivia’s growth rate as a Myrmidon is similar to Lon’qu. In addition to acquiring two different skills that are useful for her: Avoid+10 and Vantage. Olivia will become the franchise’s best support/attack dancer with this build.

Finally, Olivia can have a child: Inigo. Therefore, you must marry her to one of your male units. The support options for Olivia are:

  • Robin (Male)
  • Chrom
  • Donnel
  • Frederick
  • Gaius
  • Gregor
  • Henry
  • Kellam
  • Libra
  • Lon’qu
  • Ricken
  • Stahl
  • Vaike

In my opinion, Robin is the best option because of the opportunity he will give Inigo to reclass. Another good option is Lon’qu (primarily because of the dynamic). Lon’qu allows Inigo to get a Myrmidon base skill set, which is good for him as an attacking unit.

How to make Olivia the best dancer?

olivia festival dancer

Olivia is, generally speaking, a support unit. Therefore, the most conventional set given to Olivia is simply to level her up in a conventional way. However, there are some pretty interesting alternatives to make Olivia a better unit. And in one of my gameplays, I tried one specific build, and the truth is that I did get something out of it.

The first thing you have to do is that when Olivia reaches level 10, change her class to Myrmidon. This is to get as much offensive ability as possible. By becoming a Myrmidon, she becomes a direct offensive unit.

She gains a critical ability that makes Olivia an ideal alternative to attacking, even as a dancer: Vantage. With vantage, Olivia can attack the enemy whenever her health is below half. In addition to that, she gains Avoid+10. With Avoid +10, her evasion increases by 10 points.

Once you reach this level, you have two options: The first is to return her to being a dancer, and the second is to make her a swordmaster. With a swordmaster, Olivia can gain the possibility to obtain one more skill of interest: Astra.

Olivia gains Astra at level 5 and allows her to give five consecutive hits (although these will only cause half the average damage). Its activation depends on Olivia’s skill level. With Astra, you can now become a dancer again.

In addition to the skills, Olivia gains an increase in Str, Spd, Skill, and Lck. With those increases, Olivia becomes an unstoppable unit in direct confrontation initiated by her and can survive on her own when the confrontation is not initiated by her or indirectly.

Olivia’s Best dancer skills

Olivia’s starts with:

  • Luck +4: Gives the unit +4 points in luck. 

At level 15, she learns:

  • Special dance: Strength, Magic, Defense, and Resistance +2 for one turn for any unit that receives the user’s dance.

If you reclass her as a Myrmidon, she will learn at level 1:

  • Avoid +10: Gives the unit +10 points in avoidance.

At level 10, she learns: 

  • Vantage: Strike first during an enemy attack when HP is under half.

If you allow her to turn into a swordmaster, she will learn at level 5:

  • Astra: Deals 5 consecutive hits at half damage. (Based on Skill/2%). 

And the final ability she can learn at level 15 is: 

  • Swordfaire: Strength +5 when equipped with a sword. Magic +5 when equipped with a Levin Sword.

Olivia’s best build and tips

The final build with Olivia will look like this:

  • Health: 80
  • Strength: 30
  • Magic: 30
  • Skill: 41
  • Speed: 41
  • Luck: 45 (+4 because of her ability) 
  • Defense: 29
  • Resistance: 29
  • Movement: 5
  • Special Abilities:
    •  Luck +4: Gives the unit +4 points in luck. 
    • Special dance: Strength, Magic, Defense, and Resistance +2 for one turn for any unit that receives the user’s dance.
    • Avoid +10: Gives the unit +10 points in avoidance.
    • Vantage: Strike first during an enemy attack when HP is under half.
    • Astra: Deals 5 consecutive hits at half damage. (Based on Skill/2%). (Optional: Can be changed by swordfaire or not be obtained at all). 
    • Swordfaire: Strength +5 when equipped with a sword. Magic +5 when equipped with a Levin Sword. (Optional: Can be changed by Astra or not be obtained at all).
  • Weapon: Sword -A
  • Equipped items: Brave Sword, Silver Sword, Concoction. 

This build basically allows Olivia to attack and defend herself without needing other party members. This is fundamental for her survival rate. It is the best support character in terms of offensive possibility. She may not be able to cure other characters; however, the use of the dance makes her an essential part of the army.

With special dance, you will be able to allow the main parts of your army to attack twice in a row, and the second attack will be twice as strong. The best unit to use special dance with are Chrom, Robin, and Lon’qu; however, it should be used with any unit that needs it.

The best way to level Up Olivia

festival dancer olivia

At least up to level five; ideally, you should not leave her alone. Basically, any confrontation (direct, indirect, and even those initiated by her) could eliminate her immediately. Ideally, you should use the pair-up system with units with a high physical defense to make sure she survives. This is not only a good idea to allow Olivia to survive but also because Olivia will passively benefit the other unit with an increase in Skill, Lck, Spd, and avoidance.

Once Olivia reaches level 6, she can start defending herself independently. However, she still can’t get into confrontations. Ideally, you should use her Dance skill to level up quickly. It is essential to dance to any unit during this stage just to gain experience.

Once level 10 and reclassified in Myrmidon, there really isn’t much Olivia can’t do. She can defend and attack her own. With these keys, you will be able to level up Olivia easily and quickly.

Other games where Olivia makes an apparition

  • Fire Emblem Warriors: She is a DLC character; she also gains a second class: Prima.
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE: She appears as a summon.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes: She has two variants:
    • Original: Infantry/Sword 
    • Performing Arts: Infantry/Dagger
    • Ylissean Traveler: Pegasus Knight (flying)/ Sword


Question: Canonically, who is Olivia’s husband?

Answer: Olivia doesn’t have a canon Husband. She can marry almost any male unit. However, if you ask me, the most canon Husban for Olivia is Lon’qu, because of their similar traits (Both are shy, however, Olivia is shy around everyone, while Lon’qu is only shy around women).

Question: Who is the best husband for Olivia?

Answer: Robin. Robin allows Inigo (Olivia’s son) to gain access to almost every class in the game. This makes him an exciting option to level up and reclass. Another good option is Lon’qu because he gives Inigo access to almost every aspect of the myrmidon class. A third good option is Chrom, not because of him, but rather because of Lucina. When Chrom Marries Olivia, Lucina will get access to Olivia’s abilities.

Question: Is there a way to change Olivia’s Personality?

Answer: Yes, however, it is difficult. The only way to change Olivia’s personality is by marrying her before the end of chapter 12. This is difficult because you gain access to her by the end of chapter 11. This means that you only have one chapter to marry her.

Final thoughts on Olivia.

Olivia is an important character. She is a vital part of your army and the only way to attack twice per turn. Although, in the beginning, it may seem weak. Her growth rate is a more than competent option to survive most encounters and confrontations. On top of that, his personality will charm you.

On a personal note, I can confirm that Olivia is one of my favorite characters. I found her personality extremely cute, and the way she always tries to support your team is just too cute. Olivia can quickly become your favorite character without much trouble.

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