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One thing that differentiates most of the main characters in Fire Emblem from the main characters in Three Houses is how all of their interactions have a relationship with each other. All characters have interactions with each other, even those that, at first glance, don’t seem to have a relationship. To a certain extent, all the characters are part of a single thread. Some are more important than others, but in the end, forming a crucial part of all their stories. And Felix is one of those characters that significantly impact the story the game wants to tell. 

Felix is not only a good character from a storytelling perspective, but he is also a good character at a mechanical level; his character makes a lot of sense with the type of class he can access as a unit. He is a character whose story relates to the game’s mechanics and vice versa. That is a classic fire emblem trope but, to some extent, had been left out in modern games. 

Felix is not one of my favorite characters, but I have a lot of respect for him because the story he tells is one of the most interesting. It is a story of loss that has a tremendous emotional impact. Although I almost do not like to play with him, I can understand how he has become many people’s favorite.

Felix’s Key Info

  • HP:26
  • Str:10
  • Mag:5
  • Dex:6
  • Spd:9
  • Lck:5
  • Def:5
  • Res:3
  • Charm:5
  • Magic: –
  • Combat Arts: Wrath Strike
  • Abilities: Lone Wolf, Sword Prowess Lv1, Bow Prowess Lv1, Brawling Prowess Lv1.
  • Items: Iron Sword, vulnerary
  • Crest: Major of Fraldarius. 
  • Weapon Level: Sword D (Bonus start), Lance E, Axe E, Bow E+ (Bonus start), Gauntlets E+ (Bonus Start), Reason E (Weakness but has budding ability), Faith E, Authority E, Armor Unit E, Horseback Unit E, Pegasus E.
  • Class: Nobel
What we can notice about Felix is that he is an option more focused on the use of skills and physical combat. This is notable because his high attack statistic and moderate defense. He also does not have good magical abilities, being relatively deficient. Yet, he has a peculiarity, and that is that although he has a weakness for the use of reason, he has a budding talent in that weapon. This makes him a character that you will have to dedicate many hours to in order to develop his ability. 
This is one of the reasons I don’t really like playing with him. If you dedicate time to his budding talent, you will see that is an effort in vain. At the end of the day, it won’t affect his general strategy. You will end up specializing him in using weapons that bring him advantages (such as swords and bows). The general problem is that he is somewhat closed when it comes to his stats, especially when it comes to speed.  
His stats aside, his backstory is interesting. It is the basis for a great deal of political entrapment on the part of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. This is better developed in the routes outside the Blue Lions House. I prefer to play the original route before the others to have the whole context about his background.

Felix Background


Felix is the son of the Duke of Fraldarius. He is the youngest son of Rodrigue, making him the second in the line of succession. Most important within his character is the fact that he is a childhood friend of Prince Dimitri. He was also a friend to Sylvain and Ingrid. Precisely how these stories intertwine is one of the most critical points within the game on a general level. Just like Ingrid, Felix also loses one of his dearest friends: his older brother, Glenn, during the tragedy of Duscur

Glenn was Felix’s best friend, so Glenn’s death affected Felix greatly. That event distanced him from his father. Two years after his brother’s death, Felix signs up as a squire to help during the attempted rebellion of Western Faerghus. During those events, Felix noticed that Dimitri was incredibly violent, murdering many innocents. This distanced him from his former childhood friend. Finally, Felix is accepted as a student at the monastery, joining the same house as the rest of his old friends but taking some distance from them.

House Fraldarius Background

Fraldarius is one of the northernmost domains within the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. It is dominated by the coasts of the territory east of Fhirdiad, the capital of Faerghus, being one of the most important cities. The house was founded by one of the ten Elites himself, Fraldarius, who fought during the war of heroes. It is one of the oldest houses in the whole kingdom, surviving many attempts of war by other invading powers, both from outside and inside the continent. It is one of the main bastions of the Holy Kingdom. 
An example of this military distinction is found in the house’s current hierarchy, Rodrigue. Rodrigue is one of the most critical military members in the entire region and commander of King Lambert himself. Being the direct descendants of Fraldarius, they are the only ones who can use the Aegis Shield. This gives them one of the most significant defensive advantages in the region. Rumor has it that the main reason they have so much military defense compared to the rest of the continent is that they have the most critical defense relic in the kingdom

What is Good About Felix?

Felix Fire Emblem

Felix is a character that is almost tailor-made for the use of physical classes that use contact weapons (such as swords, for example). The most common strategy is to make him a myrmidon or a weapon master. This is because he has reasonably high growth in Strength and is moderately reasonable in using Dexterity and Speed.
These stats make him a pretty good option to turn him into a Killing Edge user, for example. Besides that, it allows him to make double attacks, and have a high critical hit rate compared to other characters, so he is not made to be a knight
He has a great offensive power, which can leave him slightly sloppy in the defense area, his stats being relatively low. He has good abilities to dodge a large number of hits. Still, suppose a hit manages to connect. In that case, it ends up being a big problem as far as his health is concerned, which is very critical if you choose the Myrmidon or Thief class. These classes usually don’t have good health, leaving him very open to attacks.
As far as his abilities are concerned, the reality is that his personal ability is only valid for the early game. Still, near the endgame, it ends up being pretty bad because many of the battalions he can belong to end up giving him more significant benefits. The only moment in which the ability becomes useful is if his battalion is forcibly removed for some reason. Still, on a general level, you will most likely end up replacing it with any other ability Felix has available
Felix is built around the use of classes that can use swords. Still, because he has proficiency in bows and because of his budding talent in reason, it may be a better idea to make him a Mortal Savant. This class will give him a higher resistance when he starts using his heroic relic: The Aegis Shield and the Sword of Moralta. Both Hero’s Relics will give him an improvement in his general health points. But he won’t have ranged weapons, except for the Levin Sword that uses his magic stat, which generally is not good. 
On top of that, another of his weaknesses is that Felix doesn’t have much authority, which leaves him subpar when trying to use high-end battalions. One of his weaknesses is that his charm is relatively low. This leaves his use of Gambits rather inadequate on a general level and very vulnerable to enemy gambits and battalions.  
An alternative (which I have used) is the War Master class. This class is quite interesting on a general level because it dramatically increases his evasion and speed. He doesn’t need much training because he knows how to use knuckles. Another of the benefits of the War Master class is the fact that, unlike other options, it has the possibility of obtaining Crit +20. This makes it one of the classes that generate more critical hits. 

Leaving aside his stats and battles, Felix’s story unfolds emotionally, especially if you recruit him for a route other than Azure Moon. It’s a story full of betrayals that make him a complicated character full of political intrigue. It is one of the most emotionally charged stories in the game. 

Felix’s affinities are:

  • Byleth (S-Support with female Byleth)
  • Dimitri
  • Dedue
  • Ashe
  • Sylvain
  • Mercedes
  • Annette
  • Ingrid
  • Bernadetta
  • Dorothea
  • Lysithea
  • Leonie
  • Seteth
  • Flayn

The most important ones are Ingrid, Dimitri, and Sylvain because they are his childhood friends. 

How to Make Felix into the Best Mortal Savant

Felix Mortal Savant

The reason why it is a good idea to make Felix a Mortal Savant is mainly due to the way he ends up relating to the rest of his stats. It’s a class meant to quickly eliminate enemies. It takes advantage of his sword advantage bonus and allows him to have access to his budding talent of reason and to defend at close and long-range. The only problem that can be seen is that his reason spell pool is relatively low. Still, taking it as a sort of defense feature, in the end, Felix will end up concentrating only on physical attacks
The main thing that must be done to bring out his potential is to dedicate adequate time to his budding talent with reason. The best way to do that is by giving him eighteen reason tutorials so that he can obtain all the benefits that this grants without many problems. Once the tutorials on reason are dedicated, the second area of focus is to provide enough tutorials on sword so that he gets at least a B+ in using that weapon.

The only problem he may have when developing this class is that his speed drops quite a bit. Therefore, it is a good idea to increase speed as much as possible so that this does not affect negatively. This way, you will have Felix as a good sword user and, simultaneously, as a user of reason. 

Felix Mortal Savant Skills

Felix starts with: 

  • Lone wolf: If no battalion is equipped, or an equipped battalion’s endurance is 0.
  • Sword Prowess Lv 1: Grants Hit +5, Avo +7, and Crit Avo +5 when using a sword.
  • Bow Prowess Lv 1: When wielding a Bow, Hit Rate +7, Evade +5, Critical Avoid +5
  • Brawling Prowess Lv1: When Brawling, Hit Rate +7, Evade +5, Critical Avoid +5

When he becomes a Mortal Savant, he gains access to:

  • Swordfaire: +5 Strength while a Sword is equipped (+5 Magic if equipped with a Magic Sword) 
  • Black Tomefaire: Grants Attack +5 when equipped with a Black Magic spell
  • Warding Blow: When user triggers the battle, magical damage received -20
  • Black Magic Critical +10: Grants Critical +10 when using Black Magic.
  • Black Magic Range +1: Increases Range for Black Magic spells
  • Sword Crit +10: Grants Critical +10 when using a Sword.

The Best Build for Felix Mortal Savant

The final Built for Felix Mortal Savant will look similar to this:

  • HP: 84
  • Str: 78
  • Mag: 42
  • Dex:62
  • Spd: 77
  • Lck: 55
  • Def: 51
  • Res: 35
  • Charm: 42
  • MagiCombat Arts: Wrath Strike, Finesse Blades
  • Abilities: 
    • Lone wolf: If no battalion is equipped, or an equipped battalion’s endurance is 0.
    • Swordfaire: +5 Strength while a Sword is equipped (+5 Magic if equipped with a Magic Sword) 
    • Black Magic Critical +10: Grants Critical +10 when using Black Magic.
    • Black Magic Range +1: Increases Range for Black Magic spells
    • Sword Crit +10: Grants Critical +10 when using a Sword.
  • Items: Sword of Moralta, Aegis Shield, Concoction.
  • Crest: Major of Fraldarius. 
  • Magic: Thoron
  • Weapon Level: Sword S, Reason S 
  • Class: Mortal Savant
What you have to get is a unit that is fast in terms of its attacks, being able to hit criticals. At the same time, the unit must be able to also use reason magic in a good way. The mix of both abilities will allow him to survive direct attacks that could eliminate him. Also, the Aegis Shield is a really important part of the build, granting him defense.

What can be understood to some extent is the fact that the best attack strategy with Felix is to have a good defense. And that’s why he has to have coverage on basically all flanks, including the magical and the not-so-magical. 

What Happens if I Don’t Recruit Felix for My House?

Felix in the House

Felix will be recruited immediately during the Blue Lions route (Azure Moon). In the rest of the routes, two things can happen:

  • During the events of Crimson flower: Felix will be part of the king’s army. Together with his father and Cornelia, he will be the main line of defense against Arianrhod.
  • During the events of Verdant Wind/ silver snow: Felix will appear during the events of chapter 17. In this chapter, he may end up being killed in the three-way battle that happens in this chapter. No one knows what happens to him if he is not defeated.

How to Defeat Felix as a Boss

You will face Felix in three specific moments; the first occasion does not really count as a fight because it is more of a mock battle in which you can eliminate him without any real strategy. Therefore, he really isn’t that difficult a unit during this battle. 

During the second battle, a three-way fight, the reality is that defeating him is also not a big problem, since the most important thing to do is to eliminate Dimitri’s army. This can be done by setting a trap for them so that they accidentally attack Edelgard’s army, which will end up eliminating them by using a direct attack. If you run into him, using any spear unit is one of the best options to eliminate him. He will still be a unit that depends on the Sword of Moralta, which is not at all challenging to eliminate because he does not have many battalions
In the final battle, facing him is a bit more complicated. This is mainly because, during the first two turns, he will be in a defensive position ahead of his allies, especially Felix. They will use his fortified knights to eliminate most of your allied units. The best way to eliminate him is to use a magic unit, using Bernadetta as support to prevent them from moving from their place.

The build Felix has in this battle is as follows: 

  • Level: 35
  • HP: 51
  • Str: 32
  • Mag: 10
  • Dex:21
  • Spd: 37
  • Lck: 14
  • Def: 20
  • Res: 8
  • Charm: 19
  • Magic:-
  • Combat Arts: –
  • Abilities: 
    • Lone wolf: If no battalion is equipped, or an equipped battalion’s endurance is 0.
    • Swordfaire: +5 Strength while a Sword is equipped (+5 Magic if equipped with a Magic Sword) 
    • Sword Crit +10: Grants Critical +10 when using a Sword.
    • Sword Prowess Lv 5:  Grants Hit +10, Avo +20, and Crit Avo +10 when using a sword.
    • Darting Blow: When user triggers the battle, double attack threshold +5
    • Axebreaker+:Hit Rate/Evasion +20 if the enemy is equipped with an Axe.
  • Items: Sword of Moralta, Aegis Shield, Elixir.
  • Crest: Major of Fraldarius. 
  • Magic: none
  • Weapon Level: Sword A, Authority B 
  • Class: Sword Master

Gift List, Share a Meal, and Lost Item

Felix Favourite Food

The gift list for Felix is:

  • Smoked Meat: Favorite (One Star)
  • Owl Feather: Favorite (Three Stars)
  • Hunting Dagger: Favorite (Two Stars)
  • Training Weight: Favorite (Three Stars)
  • Ceremonial Sword: Favorite (Four Stars)
  • Tasty Baked Treat: Dislike (One Star)
  • Armored Bear Stuffy: Dislike (Three Stars)
  • Legends of Chivalry: Dislike (Three Stars).

Felix Share a meal list is:

  • Beast Meat Teppanyaki: Favorite
  • Sautéed Jerky: Favorite
  • Spicy Fish and Turnip Stew: Favorite
  • Sweet and Salty Whitefish Sauté: Favorite
  • Garreg Mach Meat Pie: Favorite
  • Pickled Rabbit Skewers: Favorite
  • Super-Spicy Fish Dango: Favorite
  • Two-Fish Sauté: Favorite
  • Daphnel Stew: Favorite
  • Gronder Meat Skewers: Favorite
  • Sautéed Pheasant and Eggs: Favorite
  • Gautier Cheese Gratin: Favorite
  • Derdriu-Style Fried Pheasant: Favorite
  • Saghert and Cream: Dislike
  • Fish and Bean Soup: Dislike
  • Vegetable Pasta Salad: Dislike
  • Small Fish Skewers: Dislike
  • Sweet Bun Trio: Dislike
  • Country-Style Red Turnip Plate: Dislike
  • Peach Sorbet: Dislike
  • Vegetable Stir-Fry: Dislike
  • Fried Crayfish: Dislike

Finally, Felix lost items are: 

  • Back Iron Spur
  • Sword Belt Fragment
  • Toothed Dagger

The Best Way to Level Up Felix

Level Up

The best way to quickly level up Felix is to use his tutoring hours. Especially if it is tutoring in those areas that affect him the most: i.e., swordplay and developing his budding talent with reason. That way, he can have an excellent way to strengthen his weaknesses and gain access to a suitable class before the conflict
Completing his paralogue and participating in skirmishes with him is an excellent strategy to gain experience as well


Question: Is Felix a good Trickster?

Answer: Yes, It is a class that better suits Felix than the Mortal Savant, but the problem is that it is exclusive for a DLC. However, if you get the chance, it is better to use it on Him rather than making him become a mortal savant.

Question: Is Felix a Hypocrite?

Answer: No, he is just traumatized by the loss of his brother; he thinks the whole responsibility falls under Dimitri and his family. That’s why he distanced himself from him.

Question: Are Felix and Dimitri Best friends?

Answer: Not really; they were close but never best friends, especially after what happened to Felix Brother.

Final Thoughts on Felix

Felix is a character I don’t like. He’s slow and doesn’t go with my style of play, but if you get used to him, he’ll be a good unit for your army. Especially if you gain access to the trickster DLC Class because it will make his growth rate even better.

Leaving aside his game mechanics, the reality is that he ends up being an interesting character. However, that only happens if you manage to recruit him into another house other than the Blue Lions since his history within the Blue Lions is somewhat predictable.

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