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Similar to the Golden Deers, today we’ll be looking at the Blue Lions House from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the students from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus who occupy it.

While this route will leave you with some questions about the overarching story, the story this route offers is a lot more personal to the characters within it and is considered by many to be the best story of all four of the main possible routes.

*The following will contain some spoilers for the Blue Lions Route*

Blue Lions Plot Synopsis

Awakening from your five-year-long slumber, you awake to find that the Monastery you once used to call home for a brief period of time is abandoned and heavily destroyed.

Going to investigate and fulfill a promise that you had made with your students five years prior, you approach what’s left of the Monastery and make your way inside the Goddess Tower to find the remains of many dead soldiers. Finally, making your way to the top of the tower, alone in one of the corners of the room covered by shadows, you see the once former Blue Lions house leader Dimitri covered in blood and now missing an eye.

With it being clear that the last five years haven’t been kind to him, you reach out your hand for him to only think that you’re just another one of the main ghosts that haunt him. After convincing him that you aren’t a ghost nor an imperial spy, the two of you set off to deal with the bandits that have taken over the Monastery; in the process of doing this one by one, the previous Blue Lion members all having remembered the promise appear and reunite once again.

Picking Up The Broken Pieces 

With the Blue Lions having their teacher back and the other members finding out that Dimitri isn’t dead, a bit of hope is restored within all of them; they all decide to take the remains of the Monastery with the aid of the Church of Serios and make that their base as they regroup and prepare to hopeful end the war against the Empire.

Then Dimitri informs everyone that his trusted companion Dedue is no longer with them, it is here when its explained that when Dimitri was accused of killing his uncle by Cornelia, who took the throne from Dimitri, Dedue aided in Dimitris’s escape, but this would ultimately cost him his life.

This has a drastic effect on Dimitri and is one of the many factors that leads him to have a massive change in who he is as a person, with him now being bloodthirsty and cold-blooded to everyone around him, including his classmates.

Not long after everyone has settled down, the Blue Lion’s request aid as they are short on troops; this is when long-time ally Lord Rodrigue accepts the call and agrees to provide them with troops at the Valley of Torment. Unknown to both the Blue Lions and Rodrigue, the empire had caught wind of their meeting and set up an ambush there.

After overcoming the ambush and witnessing firsthand what became of Dimitri, Rodrigue asks you to look after Dimitri as he worries his madness could end up being the death of him.

Following this, you find out that the other two armies in the war, The Empire and The Alliance, are heading toward the Monastery, and this leads to a three-way fight between all groups on the same field they all fought upon five years prior in a mock battle. As mentioned previously, the story of this route is incredibly personal to the characters within it, especially Dimitri.

The Students of The Blue Lions

The members of the Blue Lions are as follows.

  • Dimitri
  • Dedue
  • Slyvain
  • Ingrid
  • Mercedes
  • Annette
  • Felix
  • Ashe
  • Byleth (if this is the route that you pick)

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

The former house leader of the Blue Lions and the crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, Dimitri, when you first meet him, is a kind and noble person who always helps those around him, but even early on, you get signs that there’s something dark lurking within him.

This all comes out post-timeskip where he becomes cold-blooded and ruthless, especially to those he fights with many mistaking the aftermath of his fights the doing of an incredibly powerful wild beast. His personal story and the journey he takes within it are great. It is some of the best writing that the game offers in its entirety, making him a fan-favorite character for not only myself but many people who experience this route.

Dedue Molinaro

The firstborn son of a blacksmith from Duscur, Dedue, at a young age, ended up losing his entire family in the aftermath of the Tragedy of Duscur, and it is here when he comes across Dimitri. The latter takes him in, which ultimately saves his life.

Because of this act, Dedue devotes his life to Dimitri, becoming his shield, protecting Dimitri at any cost, and becoming not only his best friend but also his retainer. Although he doesn’t speak much, he’s incredibly kind to those around him, but due to him being from Duscur, he gets a lot of hate from people without them knowing anything about him.

Despite this, a lot of the hate he receives doesn’t bother him much as he’s used to it; he even understands where their hatred comes from. He is also an experienced cook and enjoys flowers and gardening; he is an interesting character to learn about, especially given his unique upbringing.

Sylvain Jose Gautier

Sylvain Jose Gautier

Born the second son of Margrave Gautier from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and bearer of the minor Crest of Gauiter, Sylvain proves to be one of the more interesting characters within the group, given the nature of his relationship with his brother.

While at first glance, it may appear that the only thing in his head are females and finding different ways to get them to go on a date with him, which ends up getting him into trouble with others more times than not. He’s actually incredibly knowledgeable and vocal about the state of the world he finds himself in, especially when the topic of Crests appears.

He tries to hide the fact that he’s more knowledgeable than he seems to make it so that others have smaller expectations from him as he dislikes the pressure it causes him.

Despite having a crest, his upbringing wasn’t an easy one as when his elder brother Miklan found out; he attempted to murder Sylvain out of jealousy and spite. Post-time skip and viewing his support conversations with others, you see him attempting to change his ways regarding females and become a better person overall.

Ingrid Brandi Galatea

Ingrid Brandi Galatea

Being the only daughter of Count Galatea and the bearer of the minor Crest of Daphnel, Ingrid, since birth, was engaged to Glenn from House Fraldarius. While the two had a good relationship, things took a turn for the worst for Ingrid as Glenn sadly lost his life during the Tragedy of Duscur. In honor of his memory and bravery, she sets off to become a knight; because of this, she becomes very disciplined and extremely hard working in nature.

Due to this and being friends with Felix, Dimitri, and Sylvain more often than not, she would be the one to get them out of trouble when they were young, especially Sylvain and the issues his womanizing would cause.

After Glenn’s death she doesn’t see herself dating others as she much rather be in battle, even going as far as ripping up letters from her father that asks her to marry to secure their house’s future, also because of what happened to Gleen she has a bumpy relationship with Dedue given where he is from, throughout the game, her mindset on him changes when she sees the type of person that he is.

Mercedes von Martritz

Mercedes von Martritz

Originally born as a noble within the Adrestian Empire, when her father passed away shortly after her birth, her mother later remarried and gave birth to a son named Emile, who ended up having a Crest.

It was then revealed that the man her mother had married only wanted children who had Crests, and due to this, both Mercedes and her mother moved to live within a church within the Kingdom of Faerghus. She ends up becoming very religious because of her upbringing and always attempts to help those in need. Similar to Sylvain, she also doesn’t like Crests due to the pain it brought her and her family.

Her story is tragic and only continues to worsen later within the story of this route when she finds the person her brother Emile later becomes after their separation. Despite everything she’s gone through, for the most part, she’s able to keep a very calm and caring attitude toward those around her while also mentioning and acknowledging on multiple occasions that she can be very clumsy at times.

Annette Fantine Dominic

Born from House Dominic and having the Crest of Dominic, Annette is incredibly hardworking and is the most positive one within the Blue Lions and becomes best friends with Mercedes. Although hardworking, she is clumsy, especially when it comes to cooking, with many of her attempts at cooking leading to disaster and even explosions in some instances.

That said, a lot of her personal story revolves around her relationship with her father, who turns out to be Gilbert within the Monastery; during the Tragedy of Duscur, he wasn’t there when everything had taken place he left in exile, leaving his family behind. When she finds him again, they have a tough time even speaking to one another; if you were to strengthen their support ranks with one another, her story would be about mending the relationship between them.

Felix Hugo Fraldarius

Felix Hugo Fraldarius

Born the second son of Rodrigue, along with being the heir of the Dukedom of Fraldarius and bearing the Major Crest of Fraldarius, Felix, during the Tragedy of Duscur he ended up losing his older brother Glenn. (The same Glenn that was engaged to Ingrid)

Due to this event, Felix dedicated himself to the sword and pushes himself as much as possible with it, constantly looking for powerful opponents to fight and grow stronger with. He can and does come off as rude to others, constantly saying the first thing that comes to his mind despite how the other person may react. His relationship isn’t the best with his father, as when his brother died, the remarks Rodrigue made about Glenn led Felix to believe that his father didn’t genuinely care for Glenn.

Felix also has a rough relationship with Dimitri, as shortly after the Tragedy of Duscur; he was one of the first people to see how truly bloodthirsty Dimitri had become when the two were taking part in helping put an end to a rebellion. From that day forward, Felix viewed Dimitri as a beast looking only to kill and began calling him the “Boar Prince.”

A majority of his growth comes post-time skip when he learns to not be as rude to those around him and how he handles the relationship with Dimitri and his father. Although he comes off very strong at first, he became one of my favorite characters within this group for both story and gameplay reasons.

Ashe Ubert

Last but not least is Ashe; he’s incredibly friendly and kind to those around him, always trying to help whenever possible. He has a dream of becoming a great knight one day, like the characters in the books he reads and his adoptive father, although he can get scared easily at times, like at the thought of ghosts.

Due to his upbringing, he’s a great cook and often helps others with it or uses it as a way to bridge the gap with his classmates like Dedue, who at first can be difficult to talk to. His backstory is probably one of the most interesting in the group, with him becoming a thief not long after his parent’s death to support his siblings, to him and his siblings ultimately getting adopted by a noble he attempted he rob after hearing the events that lead him to that moment, a standout for the group origin-wise.

Gameplay and Paralogues

Unlike the Golden Deers route, the Blue Lion are a lot more balanced within the start of the game, with a lot of the members using lances, allowing them to output a lot of damage upfront. That said, just like the other routes, there are standout characters within the group in terms of strength and capability within the field, those being Dimitri, Felix, and Ingrid.

Post time skip, Dimitri will end up within his personal class, which is the Great Lord, and that gives him access to a few unique skills being, Charm, Paraselne, and most importantly, Lancefaire, which boosts his attack +5 while using a Lance alongside having good stats overall. This, combined with his crest, which will occasionally double the attack and weapon uses for combat arts, and with his relic weapon Areadbhar, which you receive directly before getting the Great Lord class Dimitri, can output a tremendous amount of damage to people.

Next is Felix, who from the start of the game will always be fairly strong, post time skip he will end in either Swordmaster or Mortal Savant, but if possible, I recommend trying to get him within Mortal Savant as when Felix reaches this class, he easily becomes one of if not the most powerful member within the Blue Lions.

This class allows users to be able to use both magic and physical attacks, giving them the best of both worlds, and considering that Felix primarily uses swords, this gives him some nicely added range with the magic.

That said, if you prefer to keep him using swords only, then Swordmaster will end up being your best bet for Felix; in the end, it’s up to personal preference, but considering how offensive and powerful Felix is, especially with his unique skill being Lone Wolf which allows him to deal 5 extra damage when no battalions are equipped or exhausted he can fit into either of the two classes easily.

Lastly is Ingrid, who post time skip will most likely end up as a Falcon Knight, which is incredibly useful due to its ability to get hit by magic with next to little consequence with her high resistance; on top of this, she also gets access to Lancefaire in this class and being that she’s in a flying class she can cover a lot of ground really easily, and she also has high speed as an added benefit.

Within my playthrough, she ended up being one of my best servants just because of how much utility she gains overall, making her a great unit to focus on. That said, it’s ultimately up to you how you would like to build up these characters, but for most players, this is likely the route that they’ll pick.


In terms of Paralogues, I will always recommend them for the side stories and items they contain within them. However, if you are dead set on skipping them, I highly recommend you at least do Dedue’s Paralogue pre-time skip as this does affect the route later on, and I believe for the most enjoyment possible within this route, you should do it.


Question: Should I recruit anyone to the Blue Lions?

Answer: While it isn’t needed to do so to complete this route unless you’re playing on Maddening difficulty, I do recommend Lysithea and, by extension, Lorenz for the paralogue they share together and how utterly ridiculous Lysithea is as a magic-user considering the Blue Lions while their magic user’s aren’t bad they are nowhere close to what Lysithea is capable of.

Question: What happens to Dedue in the Blue Lions?

Answer: He ends up sacrificing his life to keep Dimitri alive within the five years Byleth was asleep. This has a negative effect on Dimitri, who was already on a downward spiral.

Question: Can you recruit Hilda to the Blue Lions?

Answer: As part of the Blue Lions, you are capable of recruiting her; you simply need a high Charm Stat, your Axe skill needs to be at least C, and you have to get her support rank to C at least.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Blue lion’s route is a great one, and while it does leave you with some questions toward the end of it, it makes up for that with its incredible story and some very enjoyable characters. In my opinion and many others, this is ultimately the best route out of the four present within the game and should make for a great experience for anyone whos paying it for the first time.

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